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What are double glazing windows?

If you are wondering “what are double glazed glass windows” there is a simple explanation for you. It’s like an environmentally friendly jam sandwich! In A-rated Safestyle double glazed windows, the ‘bread’ is two types of modern energy efficient glass, designed to control the flow of heat through the window so that your home stays warmer. The ‘jam’ is a cushion of air in our windows a special inert gas (found naturally in our atmosphere) called Argon. “Inert” means that it is safe and non-reactive – that’s why Argon is known as the lazy gas. Argon really does nothing and that’s what makes it so great for double glazing . It drastically reduces the mobility of heat moving through it. This means that heat stays in your home for longer.

Double glazing is the accepted way for you to insulate your home these days and most people will make it a priority to upgrade to when moving into a house, especially with single pane glazing or old double glazing , which won’t combat the cold and contributes to high heating bills and damp problems.