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What colour PVC windows?

The most popular colour for uPVC windows in the UK is, without a doubt, white. White uPVC double glazing has a fantastic way of lifting the feel of any property whether it be period or modern.

The white colour in uPVC comes from the purity of the original materials used. Cheaper windows use less pure polymer material, and over years they can become compromised by the onslaught of sunlight, resulting in an unsightly yellowing. At Safestyle we only use the highest quality uPVC, grade one virgin polymer, therefore retains its crisp and clean look for the duration the unit’s lifetime.

For those who are determined to have wood “looking” windows with all of the benefits of modern double glazing and without all of the hassle of maintaining the wood, we have an realistic set of “wood effect” windows and doors which are also very popular with our customers.