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What do double glazing windows do?

This is a great question. Here’s how double glazing works:
A short answer to how double glazing works is that they use a barrier of air or gas trapped between two panes of glass which acts as an insulator to reduce the heat escaping your home.

A slightly longer answer is that light from the sun comes in the form of radiation which can be felt as heat. This heat arrives at the outer pane of your double glazed window and is allowed in to your home to warm it in an ambient way. In the meantime your home heating system (radiators, gas/electric fires, underfloor heating, coal/wood/solid fuel fires and burners) also radiates heat towards the windows in an attempt to send it outside (heat always moves from hot to cold). A different type of glass sits on the inner pane of your window which is designed to reflect your home’s heat back into the room and so reduce the need to turn the dial up as high for as long – basically it reduces your heating bills.

In Safestyle’s state of the art factories we inject a layer of Argon gas in between the two panes which further reduces the transference of heat from inside to out. And there you have it, double glazing and how it works.

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