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What front door?

If you’re wondering which upvc door is right for you then you are about to embark on an exciting journey of possibilities.

Not only do you have a huge range of styles to consider, such as split-stable-style doors, half glass, full glass, patio and French... but you also have a tantalising choice of colour options too!

The starting point needs to be understanding the style of your property and the “tone” of the area you live in.

For example, a Georgian style town house can look superb with a classic white upvc door but some people find that a bright red or blue can look stunning and so they may opt for one of our composite doors. Black adds a sophisticated element of class.
Then again you have more of a country style property in which case one of our two types of upvc wood effect doors may be more complimentary to your home.

If you have a terraced property the century in which it was built can affect whether you choose to have a upvc door that is half glass.