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What is PVCu and why is it so good for windows and doors?

PVCu stands for Polyvinyl Chloride Unplasticised, a durable rigid plastic, sometimes known as "uPVC".

Why do we specialise in uPVC? Well, it's a durable and rigid plastic which we can colour how we choose, but importantly, it contains stabilisers that protect it from the rays of the sun. So while the colour of painted metal and wood will fade over time, our uPVC frames will stay the same vivid shade they were the day they were installed.

We also add strengthening agents so that your frames do not bend or warp the way wood does, meaning they stay secure and energy efficient throughout their lifespan. What's more, unlike some other manufacturers, we only use high-quality, organic, environmentally-friendly uPVC in our double-glazed windows and doors.

Our uPVC is safe in manufacture, use and recycling, and has less impact on the environment than timber products.