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What is safer, French or patio doors?

We wondered with this question if you meant “health and safety” or wanted to know what is more “secure”, patio or French doors? So, we shall answer both for you.

Both are very safe indeed and this is not an empty statement, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that all of our doors have achieved the relevant British Standards accreditations which cover, not just quality, but also public safety.

When it comes to security, all of our doors contain integrated and encased locking mechanisms designed to deter a burglar from embarking on the difficult task of prising everything apart to even get at the locks in the first place.

Of course, large, picture windows (or doors in this case) that are open to the front, side or rear of your home are always an opportunity for someone to observe whether you have anything worth stealing and that’s why we usually recommend that you also fit blinds or curtains as an additional security measure.

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