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What Is The Minimum Gap Between Window Panes For Double Glazing?

The standard gap you will get between the two panes of glass in a Safestyle double glazed uPVC window unit is 16mm.

This gap has been scientifically proven to provide the optimum level of heat efficiency for the specially injected pocket of Argon gas that sits between the two panes. Argon is a naturally occurring, inert, gas that makes up part of the Earth’s atmosphere but it is the unique heat resistant properties that make it a legend in the double glazing industry. The gas is very, very dry and also non-reactive. What that means is that the speed at which heat travels through it is far slower than in standard air.

Argon will sit in the gap until the seal around window unit begins to fail (usually towards the end of the second decade). You can tell when this is happening as condensation will begin to appear between the two panes of glass. At the first sign of this it is time to call Safestyle for your new replacement windows.