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What's The Difference Between An Ordinary uPVC Door And A Composite Door?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a composite door is exactly the same as a uPVC door but with a posher name. This is not the case and it is the features you do not see that make all the difference.

A traditional uPVC door is a carefully manufactured and sealed unit that uses a material a bit like polystyrene to create the added heat efficiency underneath the uPVC exterior and within the interior of the door.

Composite doors offer you a much higher level of security (for those who feel they require it). All of Safestyle’s composite doors a number of improved security features by using a stronger selection of materials and door hardware that's approved by the police preferred Secure By Design scheme.

A composite door contains:

  • BS6262 Toughened glass.
  • Super dense closed cells for optimum heat efficiency.
  • Heavy impacts resistant face material.
  • A laminated sub frame.
  • “EdgeGuard” side protection.
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