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When Compared To Wood How Strong Is The uPVC Doors?

uPVC doors are extremely strong compared to wood. Wood gets easily fatigued if it gets damp and can buckle and warp. With the constant see saw of hot summers versus below freezing winters this can cause fractures in the wood and eventually splitting. Because wooden doors are knocked together with various different panels and joints, if any one part of the doors becomes weakened it can pull these joints apart which results in an extremely fragile door. Also, because many of the harder woods are now very rare and expensive it means that often doors can be sourced from fast growing, sustainable forests. The result of this is a weaker wood.

uPVC on the other hand is a sealed unit with hidden beading, multi point locking mechanisms and inaccessible hinges.

As far as strength goes there really is no comparison... and you won’t find many doors that come with a full ten year warranty. But Safestyle’s upvc doors do... as standard.