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Why Is There Condensation On My New Double Glazing?

If the condensation is within the two panes of glass then it means the seal has failed. This is extremely rare with good quality double glazing but sadly a more common story if you opt for poor quality windows. If you have had your windows fitted by a reputable window firm then they should be under guarantee and, after they have been out to assess the window, they should replace them at no extra charge.

If, however, the condensation is not in the gap between the inner and outer pane, but is instead on the inside of the glass (run your finger down it, if it gets wet, it is on the inside) then you have a condensation issue. This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of your windows. The reality is that you have too much moisture in your house. Water vapour is invisible so here’s what to do:

  1. Stop drying your washing on the radiators.
  2. Don’t leave the kitchen door open whilst cooking and ensure that the extractor fan is on (and the window open a crack) until all moisture has gone.
  3. Don’t leave the bathroom door open (even after you have finished) as excess moisture from the bath or shower will travel around the house.
  4. Have your damp proof course checked.
  5. Check your guttering.
  6. Check your brickwork for tell tale signs of damp (green mould etc).

If none of these solve the issue then you must get a building specialist in immediately especially if you have black mould appearing on your walls which is a major health hazard.