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Do Safestyle offer flexible monthly payment options?

Yes we offer a variety of finance packages that help to make it easier for you to spread the cost of your new windows and doors installation. Our point of sale finance options are subject to status, application, financial circumstances, borrowing history, and are provided by leading lenders. You can choose the finance package that works best for you including interest free credit and buy now, pay later options – we can help you to get the windows and doors that you want, at a price that makes you happy.

What finance packages are available?

We are able to offer finance packages which are tailored to your needs, giving you flexibility and control over how you pay for your windows and doors. So however you want to pay for your windows and doors, we can arrange a payment schedule which suits you. You can choose how long you want to pay back the amount borrowed in a range of finance options, these can all be found on our finance page.


Do I have to pay a deposit?

No, as we have a range of finance packages available you could choose no deposit to pay and 2 years interest free credit. Our representative will discuss your finance options with you to find a plan that works best based on your needs and budget.

Can Safestyle arrange finance packages for people with a poor credit rating?

Every finance application is assessed on an individual basis so it is difficult to say who will be approved without a credit check being completed. It's best to discuss this with one of our representatives so that they can advise you accordingly on any concerns you may have. We will always try our utmost to help as we work with a panel of unsecured lenders.

Do Safestyle offer finance to people who are self-employed or retired?

Yes, we find that many of our self-employed and retired customers take advantage of our finance and flexible payment options. Again each application is subject to status, application, financial circumstances, borrowing history, and your options can be discussed in detail with one of our sales representatives.

Do Safestyle offer finance to customers on benefits?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any type of finance to those receiving income support, Job Seekers Allowance or those who have been declared bankrupt in the last 6 years or are currently in an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA).

Can I split the cost between a lump sum payment and finance?

Yes, many of our customers choose this option and the payment plans are designed to be tailored to you and your needs. If you choose to pay a lump sum amount as well as opting for a finance package it will reduce the amount that you are borrowing, reducing the interest costs (if applicable) and the monthly repayment.

Will paying a large lump sum make my monthly payments go down?

No, of course you are free to make additional repayments to the interest bearing accounts as often as you wish and by as much as you can afford but this will not change the monthly Direct Debit amount which will stay the same until the balance of the loan is repaid in full. It will however mean that you will settle the loan quicker and reduce the amount of interest that you would have otherwise paid.

Can I pay off and settle my account early?

Yes, you can pay off your account at any time by requesting a settlement figure and by paying the balance outstanding plus a settlement charge where applicable. Details of this will be sent by the lender. If you are unsure call our Customer Services team on 01274 842555 / 777 who will be happy to provide the name, and a customer services number, for your lender.

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* If you repay the total amount of credit before the end of the Buy Now Pay Later period no interest will be payable but you will be charged a release fee of £70 in addition to the outstanding balance. If you do not repay the amount of credit before the end of the 'Buy Now Pay Later' (12 months) period, the lender will start charging interest which will be backdated to the start of the agreement on the total amount originally borrowed. You will also start making repayments, which will then be over 120 months.

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