Is triple glazing better than double glazing?

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There’s plenty to consider when looking for new windows. Appearance and design are key of course, but window glazing is something else worth looking into to ensure you are getting the most out of your upcoming installation.

It’s widely accepted that single glazing is the least efficient type of window glazing, both in hot and cold conditions, but what about double glazing and triple glazing?

With so many more options on the market, it’s not uncommon for people to wonder: what is the difference between double glazing and triple glazing? And crucially: how much more expensive is triple glazing than double glazing? And is it worth it?

The Pros of Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

What is the difference between double glazing and triple glazing? For starters, having windows with two panes is more than sufficient.

  • More cost-effective: Generally, triple glazing can cost up to 50% more, making it a far bigger investment compared to double glazing, often for little return
  • No risk of middle pane breaking: A common issue with triple glazing is that middle pain is at risk of shattering because it heats up more than a double glazed unit – on top of this, repair costs are higher
  • Less weight and strain: Due to there being two panes of glass rather than three, double glazed windows are much lighter and therefore create less stress on each component within the window, which also makes the installation itself easier
  • Less environmental impact: The energy required to manufacture and process the extra pane in triple glazing has a major impact on the environment for very little gain

Fitter preparing uPVC window

The Cons of Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

On the flip side, is triple glazing better than double glazing?

  • Not as effective for extreme climates outside the UK: The additional pane makes triple glazing a popular choice over double glazing in places with extreme climates, like Scandinavia
  • Less secure in the case of a break-in: With one less pane in the mix, windows with double glazing aren’t quite as tough when it comes to break-ins, but bear in mind that burglaries occur more commonly due to open or unlocked windows
  • More prone to condensation build-up between the panes: The extra layer of protection from the third pane in triple glazing offers better protection against the cold air and therefore condensation, however build-up is likely on the outer pane

Fitter preparing uPVC window

So, are triple glazed windows better than double glazed? The answer for those in the UK is, not necessarily. It ultimately comes down to your priorities and your budget as to whether you feel they are right for your property. While they may be a necessity for those living in extreme climates around the world, they don’t have the same level of importance in milder climates like our own. It is unlikely that you will benefit from extra savings per annum as a result.

With this in mind, most opt for an efficient double glazed window, such as our A-Rated casement windows, which will save you a significant amount of money, while offering multiple perks.

You can choose from a variety of colours while being assured that the design has been rigorously tested to exceed industry standards, with an outstanding level of heat retention and minimum heat loss. For more information, visit our windows page.

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