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How to make your home more pet friendly

If you're making home improvements, such as installing new windows and doors, it can be a worry that mischievous pets may cause damage to your home afterwards. Its often a struggle to make sure that your home is clean and tidy while still allowing your pets to wander around freely. Your pets are an important part of your family so you want to make sure that they also feel comfortable and at home. Most homeowners don't give too much thought to their furry little friends when it comes to making decisions around the house but a little planning can go a long way and help to make yours and your pets life easier. You can also read our top tips on helping your pet adjust to a new home here.

Choose your flooring carefully: Whether you're redoing and updating your current home or moving into a new one the floor is perhaps the first thing you should consider if you have pets. Go with flooring and fabrics that make less work for you. When choosing the floor it may be best to stay aware from carpet as it will absorb odours and trap pet hair; making it difficult to clean and possibly leaving your home with the dreaded 'wet dog' smell. If you're still in favour of carpet choose one that is low pile so it's easier to clean if your pet has an accident.

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Groom your pet: A Clean pet equals a clean house (hopefully). If you get into the habit of regularly grooming your pet you should find that you're also spending less time cleaning up after them. Something as simple as brushing their fur regularly will help to reduce the amount of hair shedding. Regular nail clipping should also help to keep the amount of damage caused by scratching down.

Vacuum regularly: This may seem a little obvious but make sure that you vacuum at least twice a week and look out for hair in other areas that just the floor. If you can it's good to also vacuum your sofa and other furniture to stop hair from building up. Vacuuming should also help to eliminate odours in your home; pet hair contains oil that will attract dirt to the fabric where it sits, making sure there is as little pet hair in your home as possible will keep it clean and smelling nice.

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Use semi gloss wall paint and stain- resistant fabrics: It's best to use semi gloss wall paint if you have a large dog that is prone to leaving smudges on your walls; It's easier to wipe any marks off than flat finish paint. Fabrics such as silk and velvet are a magnet for pet hair so it helps to avoid them unless you want to be constantly vacuuming around. It's best to use fabrics such as Crypton and suede to keep pet hair at a minimum.

Keep pets in a safe place while home improvements are taking place: It's important to make sure your pets are safe and out of the way when any major home improvements are taking place. Jobs such as installing new windows can be dangerous and complex, for everyone's safety it helps to keep your pets away from where the work is happening.

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Can Safestyle supply doors with cat or dog flaps?

Usually yes, you can have a cat or dog flap put into your Safestyle door. There are some limitations depending on what style of door you choose but we will discuss this with you during your initial appointment. If you would like a cat or dog flap put into your new door it's best to tell us when you first take out the order so the specification can be taken into consideration. The door will be manufactured at our factory to include the flap and come with it already fitted. We can in some circumstances fit a pet flap that you already own into your Safestyle door during the installation but this is not always guaranteed and will be at the discretion of your installers.