Window installation myths

There are many misconceptions when it comes to replacement windows; often people are put off installing new windows because of things they've been told that are simply not accurate. The emergence of DIY videos and tutorials have made anything and everything seem easy to do but there are some jobs that should only ever be left to the professionals. We hope to dispel some common misconceptions that you may have heard and help you to get a high quality window installation at a low and affordable price.

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Anyone can replace and install windows

One of the biggest window installation myths is that anyone can install new windows, which is most definitely not recommended. Window installation is a skilled and complex job that requires training and expertise. Replacing a window can be relatively simple to a registered professional who has spent years doing it and knows all of the ins and outs. However if the windows are installed by someone that does not have the acquired skill it could end up costing you lots of time and money to fix the mistakes made. There are very precise requirements which fitters must follow to make sure the window is installed correctly; badly installed windows will not function correctly and can result in leaks and drafts among many other issues. To find out more about home improvements that you should never DIY click here.

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All windows are the same

We all like to get the best deal and lowest price possible wherever we can but it's important to also think about the quality and performance of the product you're buying and not only the cost. Not all windows are manufactured to the same standard or come with the same additional benefits. You want to consider the security, design, materials, glass technology and energy efficiency of the windows before having them installed. At Safestyle our EcoDiamond™ windows are recommended by the Energy Savings Trust and come with advance glass technology designed to keep the maximum amount of heat inside your home.

You can't replace your windows during winter

We find that many of our customers think that it is too cold to install new windows during the winter time and this simply isn't the case. Many people tend to think that because the temperature outside can be so bitterly cold, installing their new windows in the winter will bring all of the cold into the home. Your home does not have to lose its heat during a window replacement as a skilled fitter will follow a number of precautions to make sure that it is always protected from the cold. In fact, winter is often a great time to install new double glazing as you can really feel the benefits of the energy efficient glass when compared to your old windows.

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You can't change window styles

While they're certain window styles that are better suited to certain properties you can mix and match and change designs within your home. We have a range of style and colour options at Safestyle so that you can choose a design that works best for you and your home. It's best to speak to one of our representatives about your options and they will be able to advise you on what would work best. Click here to learn more about Safestyle's range of high quality, energy efficient windows.

New uPVC windows don't require any maintenance

One of the best things about choosing uPVC window frames is that they are extremely durable and require very little maintenance. Older window frames, especially those made from timber, tend to need a lot of upholding and regular maintenance. While uPVC is a more dependable and long lasting material it does still require a little care from time to time. Click here to read more about cleaning and caring for new uPVC windows. Your window frames will last longer and be in a better condition if you start looking after them regularly after they've been installed.

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