How to oil your door's moving parts

Your home goes through a lot so it is normal to experience slight issues from time to time. It's important to remember to take care when opening and closing your door and to not slam it too hard or use excessive force as this can cause damage that a manufacturing guarantee would not cover.

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Doors have working parts so it's essential that these parts are well maintained, you can use standard lubrication oil to ease the friction of the moving parts inside your door We recommend that you lubricate all moving parts at least twice a year and oil any stainless steel hinges, be careful not to use excessive lubrication as this could result in damage. Watch our helpful video below for a step by step guide on how you can properly lubricate your door.

Video transcript

To lubricate your door pull up the handle to expose the hooks or cans. Use a silicone spray in or around the moving parts, using a cloth to catch any excess or splash back. Move the handle and key to work the spray into the mechanism. Spray the hinges, wiping away any excess, and open and close the door to work in the oil.

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