How to oil your windows moving parts

Constant use and stress on the window can create mechanical problems that reduce the ease of use and performance of a window. Ensuring that the mechanics receive an annual lubrication can reduce the likelihood of damages through wear and tear.

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Step One: Lubricating your cloth

The cloth should be lubricated using a silicon based lubricant as to avoid damage to the uPVC framing. Make sure that the cloth is well covered but not soaked as to avoid spillage and damage to the window.

Step Two: Exposing the internal mechanisms

To expose the mechanisms open your window as far as you can, this should provide ample room to work with while also protecting the uPVC frame.

Step Three: Lubricating the locking mechanism

Take the lubricant and spray two to three times then move the handle to work the spray in and ensure all parts are fully lubricated. If there are spillages ensure that these have been wiped away too.

Step Four: Oiling the hinges

To oil the hinges simply spray or wipe your lubricant from top to bottom of the guide rails on both sides. Opening and closing the window helps in getting a full coverage on all moving parts. If there is any excess make sure that it is wiped away and not left on the uPVC frame.

It may be that your window hinges have just become a little stiff and will need some lubrication so that they can move more smoothly. We recommend that you lubricate all of the windows moving parts at least once a year to reduce wear and tear and prevent damage. Remember to take care when applying the substance to avoid any damage and leaks on your furnishings.

Video transcript

To lubricate your window use a silicone spray and a cloth to avoid getting oil in unintended areas. Open your window to expose the hinges and locking mechanism. Insert the nozzle of the can into the locking mechanism and spray two to three times and spray the external moving parts. Turn the handle to work the spray in. Wipe away any excess drips. Oil the hinges and hinge guide rail from top to bottom on both sides. Open and close the window to distribute the silicone spray.

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