How to tighten a window handle

Over years of use window handles can become loose and lose the initial tension they had. This is not a problem that requires a specialist and can be resolved through the use of a screwdriver, this can be a phillips or flathead and will vary depending on where the window is from.

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Step One: Identifying Loose Screws

Loose handles are generally caused by multiple screws becoming loose over time, take a close look at each of the screws that are visible around the handle. Attempt to turn them anti-clockwise with a finger, if they are loose then this should not be difficult. While doing this you should identify the type of screwdriver that will be required to tighten them if needed.

Step Two: Tightening Screws

Using the appropriate screwdriver gently turn each screw clockwise until you feel a strong resistance. Be wary of over tightening screws as this can cause damage to the head and make re-tightening or removing them difficult. Once all screws are tightened the handle should feel sturdier and open with a smooth action.

All you will need is a screwdriver to tighten the screws that have become loose. You can tighten the handle in just a minute by following our step by step video below. Remember to take extreme care when tightening your windows to avoid any damage.

Video transcript

If your window handle has come a little loose it might just need a quick tighten. To do this just remove the screw cover. Your handle will have one or two screw covers. Pull up the handle to see if you have one on the lower section and remove it if there is one. Once the screw cover is removed, tighten the exposed screw until its firmly in place, taking care not to over tighten. Do the same with the screw at the top. Replace the caps, making sure they're in firmly so the handle can turn easily. Some window designs may require someone outside the window to counter the force.

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