What you should do if you have a broken window

It's not something anyone ever wants to find in their home, but if you do discover that you have a broken or cracked window then it will need to be repaired or replaced fairly quickly. The extent of the damage will influence what action needs to be taken; small cracks can sometimes be repaired quite easily whereas completely shattered glass will need to be replaced.

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There are a number of reasons why a window can break, whether it be that someone has smashed it intentionally, bad weather causing damage or a small crack has built up and caused damage over time. Windows can also crack due to thermal stress caused by the un-even difference in temperature windows have to face. Stress cracks are often caused from the shading in a home. If one part of the window is shaded and cold and the sun is directly shining on another part making it a heated area then it can cause stress on the glass, making it expand or shrink which in turn can cause glass to crack.

It's important to seek professional help to assess the damage to your windows. If it was broken because of a damaged or poorly installed frame then the whole unit may have to be reinstalled. It may just be an issue with the glass which is a much cheaper problem to fix and new glass can be installed into the existing frame. You can get a quick and easy quote from us for a replacement window and even change the design of your windows if you wish to do so.

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If the window damage is very little and can be repaired easily then it's a good idea to put in some temporary measures while you're waiting for a repair person to visit. If the window is only slightly cracked then it doesn't cause a huge security concern and your main objective is to make sure your home is kept warm and any rain and wind is kept out. You can do this quite easily by putting duct tape or heavy duty packing tape on both sides of the window crack, just be careful not to use too much force when doing so and accidently make the crack worse.

Windows that are completely shattered or have a large gaping home will have to be replaced. If someone cannot come to replace it straightaway then you should remove the damaged glass completely from the frame so that it does not cause any harm to those inside the property and those passing by. Remove all of the remaining glass from the window and make sure that you're wearing appropriate protective equipment such as eye wear and gloves. You can either remove the shards of glass by each piece or cover the whole window with masking tape and gently tap the glass with a hammer to loosen it.

You will need to cover any windows that have open areas immediately as this obviously proposes a huge security risk. If only one of the panes of glass are broken then covering the area with a thick sheet of plastic will help to keep some cold out and prevent any damage to the existing glass. For extensive damage you are best to board up the entire window opening, plywood is often used to board windows and can be purchased from most DIY stores.

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