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How to clean and care for uPVC windows

It's amazing how much of a difference installing new windows can make to your home and you'll want to keep your windows looking as beautiful and clean as when they are first installed. The great thing about choosing uPVC is that it is durable and long lasting without requiring a huge amount of maintenance. You can keep your new windows looking their best for many years to come just by following a few simple tips.

General advice for window care

Windows have working parts so it's essential that these parts are well maintained, you can use standard lubrication oil to ease the friction of the moving parts inside your window frames. We recommend that you lubricate all moving parts at least twice a year and oil any stainless steel hinges at the rivet points, be careful not to use excessive lubrication. You will get a multi function maintenance oil in our Safestyle UK cleaning kits, simply apply this to mechanisms inside the window frame.

To keep your windows in great condition for years to come it's best to keep the inner chambers of your windows clean and clear of built up residue. If you open the window sash you will see there are drainage holes at the bottom of the frame which should always be kept clear. If you do notice that there is a build up of residue and dirt then clean this out so that the drainage hole is empty to allow moisture to flow freely out of the workings of your windows.

Click here to watch our handy video to learn how to clean your windows drainage holes.

Open uPVC Window

If you have chosen a window design that has lead in it is vital, especially in the early stages of your install, that you clean the window thoroughly and regularly. Products with lead in can often stain if they are not cleaned regularly, this is caused from the elements the lead is exposed to during the natural oxidising process. Cleaning your window regularly will help to keep stains and bay and make sure your windows are nice and shiny all year round.

Make sure your windows are fully closed before you start to operate the handles to avoid straining the lock mechanism. Taking care when using the handles will help to avoid any damages and keep the locks safe and secure for many years to come.

Never use excessive force when trying to operate your window's locks and handles as this can cause damage to the entire window unit. If you are struggling to open them look around the frame and check there are no obstructions, make sure the lock is clean and does not have a build up of residue as this can cause your windows to stick and not function correctly. If you're still having issues then please contact us to arrange a home visit.

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It's best to keep your home well ventilated and open the windows in each room for a short while everyday to avoid condensation damage. Condensation is a real issue that causes problems in many homes. You can find out more about condensation between double glazing by clicking here. Unfortunately if you have condensation trapped between the panes of glass it is a sign that your double glazing has failed and the only option is to replace the window.

Cleaning the window frames

You should try and clean your window frames regularly to keep them in great condition and prevent any damage occurring. We recommend to clean them around 4 times a year, depending on the condition they're in. The more times you clean your window frames the easier the task will be each time.

It's best to start by opening the window fully and using an old paint brush or duster brush around the inside of the frame to loosen any dirt, dust and cobwebs that might be stuck to the window. Then simply use the vacuum cleaner hose around the frame to get rid of any filth that is inside.

uPVC Window Outside

If you start cleaning and maintaining your windows regularly after they've been installed you shouldn't have to worry about buying expensive window frame cleaner; any marks or stains should come off easily with warm soapy water. Simply fill a bowl with warm water and some washing up liquid and use a soft white cloth to wipe down the window frames. It's important that you only ever use a white cloth as the dye in coloured ones can come off and stain the plastic.

Click here to watch our video on how to clean uPVC window frames.

If you're finding that stains are not coming off to your satisfaction from using soapy water then you can use a uPVC solvent cleaner restorer or any non-abrasive regular household cleaner. After using the cleaning agents wash the frame with soapy water and any marks should be greatly reduced. Be careful not to use the cleaner on any of the silicone seals as this may cause them to peel away.