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Historically bay windows are associated with mansions of the early English Renaissance, perhaps highlighting the grandeur and luxury appeal that they bring to a property. With a Bay window you can enjoy a full view of your outside space and flood the room with fresh light. At Safestyle you can personalise your bay window to your individual design specifications, with a choice of colours and finishes you're bound to find the perfect bay window for your home.

What is a bay window?

A bay window is defined as a window that is built to project outwards from an outside wall. The window offers more space to the inside room by projecting outwards from the main walls and forming a bay in the inside space. A bay window is a perfect choice if you want to make a stylish statement and make your room appear bigger.

What is the difference between bow and bay windows?

A lot of people tend to presume that bow and bay windows are the same due to their similarities and visual appearance. You will find that a bow window gives more of a curved look while a bay window has a more box like aesthetic. Both do a similar job in that they will open up a room and give the appearance of more space and light. They main difference is their size and number of projections; a bay window will typically have 3 projections made up of three individual windows, whereas a bow window will usually have four or five.


Are bay windows energy efficient?

In general bay windows are just as energy efficient as any other window type, however the efficiency can vary depending on the quality of the materials used and the fitting. At Safestyle our bay windows come fitted with our award winning EcoDiamond™ glass technology and are recommended by The Energy Savings Trust. We use the highest quality materials to ensure that your home stays warm and your windows work to keep draughts and cold air out.

Typically you’ll find that if your home already has a bay window where the room projects outwards (i.e. there is brickwork below the window) then the bay window will be just as efficient as any other window. However some properties have bay windows where the window projects outwards from the wall on an external support. This type of bay may be less energy efficient as the sill and ceiling of the bay may not be as well insulated as the walls of your home. The windows we fit will still be A rated in these cases, but it may be best to keep in mind that the heat may be escaping above and below the window.

Window without surrounding brick work:

uPVC Bay window no brick work

Window with surrounding brick work:

Outside view of fret bay window

How much do bay windows cost?

It is difficult to give an exact price of a bay window as the price can vary dependent on individual specification, size and requirements. It is usually cheaper to replace an existing bay window with a new one. You may find that it will cost you more to have a bay window installed in the place of a traditional fitted window. It's best to speak to us about your requirements and our representative can advise you on what window is best for your home. At Safestyle you can get a free quote that's valid for 12 months, giving you plenty of time to make up your mind.

Bay window from inside