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I'm interested in applying for a job as a fitter but I'm not currently registered as self employed - is this something I have to do before I can apply?

All our Fitters are Self Employed.

We prefer you to be registered self employed before you apply, but this isn't strictly necessary (you can do this later), and this will not affect your application.

You can register as self employed under the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) after you've applied, or even after you've started, but there are a couple of things to be aware of if you do this.

If you are not CIS registered when you start with us, you will be taxed at a higher rate until your CIS application is successful, and you have received your UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number. Once you have received your UTR, you will then be moved onto the lower tax band.

As a guide, the tax rates are as follows:

  • Not registered Self Employed under CIS, no UTR - Tax 30%
  • Registered Self Employed under CIS, with UTR - Tax 20%