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Condensation is one of the biggest problems people face with older windows. Not only does it mean your windows are no longer energy efficient but they are also clouding up your view.

What’s causing condensation?

Homes can get condensation for the most part is moisture in the air condensing on a cooler surface. It could also be a ventilation issue in your home and a build up of too much moisture.

Things such as drying your washing inside on the radiators are made worse with old windows or it could also be trapped moisture inside your double glazing which can’t be removed.

Condensation in your home can be dramatically reduced and condensation between your panes can be a thing of the past.

Reducing condensation inside your home

Single glazed windows will transfer heat (or the cold) much more easily. So on a cold day the glass will cool to the outside temperature and be cold to the touch.

As moisture in the air hits the glass it will condense causing condensation. The inner pane of double glazing would cool much more slowly due to its thermal properties so would be much less likely to cause condensation.

Stopping condensation between the panes

Condensation between the panes is caused by a broken seal, it is a vacuum and when this seal is broken unwanted moisture makes its way between the panes.

It’s near impossible to prevent once the seal is broken and it’s also going to be costing you money on heating bills as the energy efficiency is dramatically reduced. 

Our recommendation is replacement of the window with some energy efficient ones. You’ll also be covered for 10 years with a guarantee against broken seals and this issue again.

10 year guarantee

Our 10 Year, Insurance Backed Guarantee!

At Safestyle we take manufacturing quality products seriously, so much so all our doors and windows come with an extensive, easily transferable 10 year guarantee. 

We guarantee to repair and replace any faults in your doors and windows for 10 years and as the nation’s largest fitter of doors and windows with over 20 years experience we’ll be around in another 10 years to fulfill that promise. 

Benefits of Safestyle energy saving windows

Heat Insulation

heat insulation

Keep warm and cosy in your home with new windows, our windows are built to keep out the cold.

Reduced Energy Bills

reduced energy bils

Energy bills seem to continuously be on the rise, but new Safestyle windows can dramatically reduce the amount you use and bring those bills back down

Stops Draughts

stops draughts

Put a stop to cold uncomfortable draughts with new Safestyle windows and rest assured with a 10 year guarantee they'll stay draught free.

We'll beat anyone's prices including sale prices!*

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