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There is a problem with one of my products

We're sorry to hear you have a problem with your product, we will of course endeavour to do our best to make sure we can resolve any issues you are facing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have also found some of our top commonly asked questions that may not need a call out which may save you some time and concern so it might be worth checking some of our top question and answers below.

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Why do my windows have a haze or condensation on them

As long as you don't have condensation in-between the two panes of glass then you shouldn't worry about there being a problem with your windows. A haze on glass is usually an optical illusion caused by the sun shining on the glass at an oblique angle certain times of the day and it is just the sun reflecting off the energy coating on the inside of the glass unit.
Internal & external condensation are usually signs that your windows are doing their job, and you can find more information on this by visiting the GGF (Glass & Glazing Federation) website. They have a lot of useful information regarding why you get condensation and how to manage it.
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Where's my FENSA certificate

Your FENSA certificate is issued by FENSA not Safestyle UK, this can take up to 10 weeks to arrive after your installation. We would advise waiting until the 10 weeks has passed and if you still haven't received your FENSA certificate then you will need to call FENSA on 0207 6453 700 and they will look into this for you.
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Where's my Guarantee

Your guarantee is printed on the folder that your received your paperwork in on the day of installation. It does not need to have your specific details on it so don't worry. We have all your details on file too and can easily track it back to your purchase order number.
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How do I purchase extra keys

We can supply extra window keys for our casement range at a small charge each, just get in touch on the form below. For doors we cannot supply additional keys, we recommend having spares or additional keys cut at a reputable key cutting company. 

Any of the above resolve your issue?

If not then please get in touch via telephone or the contact form below. If you could please make sure you have your purchase order number to hand or enter it in the form this will help us locate your order and deal with your issue much more swiftly.

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There is a problem with one of my products

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