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Kids Christmas Activities

It may have turned rather chilly, but when you’ve got little ones running around full of beans, using your outdoor space as an extra room really makes a difference – just dress them for the weather! Spending time outside with the kids lets them burn off excess energy, get some fresh air and watch wildlife - just keep them busy with fun activities to enjoy. Pop on some wellies, a warm coat and gardening gloves and they can help adorn your outdoors full of seasonal splendour.

Kids Christmas ActivitiesKids Christmas Activities

Team cleaning

The area at the front of your home is the most important spot to get looking its best – it sets a festive tone for visitors and brightens up the street. Whether you’re looking at adding a classically understated wreath to your door, or a couple of brightly-lit reindeer on the front lawn, it’s important to take a little time to get the area looking tip-top beforehand. Setting up lighting displays may draw attention to tired or tatty corners, but with just a few hours you can give it a facelift ready for decoration.

Raking up fallen leaves is great fun for older kids to help with – little ones like throwing the leaves about and jumping in the crunchy heaps as you gather them together! Any you don’t pop on to the compost can be used to make leaf rubbing pictures—simply cover a dry leaf with a piece of printer paper, hold the paper down firmly so the leaf can’t move and rub across the surface gently with the side of a brightly coloured wax crayon. Like magic, a picture of the leaf appears! With a little help, older kids can cut these out and use them as wings for Christmas angels, sycamore or oak leaves are ideal for this, or create a leaf rainbow picture to decorate their room by using as many different types of leaves the children can find on a woodland walk.

Giving windows a once over will really make them gleam—the perfect backdrop to windowsill displays and widow art. This is especially effective when coupled with some frosty-themed window transfers. You can buy all sorts of window stencils online or head over to Illumination Street to download some for free!

Kids Christmas ActivitiesKids Christmas Activities

Other crafts for kids

Making festive planters as decorations or to give as gifts is great fun, and kids can easily help with this. The best place to work is out on the patio, where you can sit around the table and any mess can be easily swept up or washed away with a hosepipe. Any basket will do for planting, as long as you have a sheet of polythene or recycled carrier bag to line it with to retain the moisture. Use a handful of large gravel in the base for drainage, then add multipurpose compost, your choice of winter-flowering plants and top dress the surface with some moss for a rustic effect.

I like to combine the marbled foliage of brightly-coloured flowers, like hardy cyclamen, with variegated ivy and mini dwarf conifers. This mixture of colours and textures looks really striking. Add festive red ribbon tied in a bow and you’ll have an indoor (or out) planter that’s great to give to friends or that you can pop in the porch to brighten up the street.