Customer Experience of Our Door Buying Process

14th July 2021

Customer experience of our door buying process

Safestyle UK has been one of the nation’s go-to companies for home renovation since 1992, meaning there are more customer experiences out there than you can shake a stick at.

Luckily, for anyone seeking more information, this blog post by ‘The Fairytale Pretty Picture’ talks through one customer’s journey from start to finish, giving you plenty of insight into what you can expect from the process.

From the price to the installation itself, they get down into the nitty gritty of their door-purchasing experience, which was prompted by a particularly drafty winter caused by rotting frames and haphazard attempts from previous owners to resolve the issue. The end result was a brand new front and patio door, with the core aims of making their home more energy efficient and secure.

cheltenham composite door

An example of a Cheltenham composite door installation

Throughout the blog post, you can gain honest insight into their sales consultation experience, covering the unexpected challenge of having to choose the various components of the doors due to the sheer number of options available (it’s a good problem to have, really).

Here at Safestyle UK, we offer full flexibility in decision-making and ask for your preferences on each component, including door style, colour and even the functionality of how it opens and closes. Providing custom-made doors created in our very own factory in Yorkshire is what gives us an edge over others out there, whether you go for a composite or uPVC door. This means that anyone can craft the perfect door for their property while tapping into our expertise.

Want to find out more about this customer’s experience? You can view photos of the installation whilst reading the full blog post here.

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