Friendly Faces competition: entries so far

2nd November 2020

Friendly Faces competition: entries so far

Last month we launched our nationwide Friendly Faces competition, asking people to nominate that special someone who has helped lift their spirits whilst being cooped up at home and share their stories with us.

We've received so many heartwarming entries already, and whilst the competition is still in full swing (enter here), we wanted to share some of these with you - to not only to inspire others to put forward nominations but to simply spread some much-needed joy and positivity!

Sharon from Cardowan Stepps would like to nominate Annemarie Quinn:

"Annemarie is our local hero. She helped form the Cardowan Community Meadow and during lockdown, she and her team helped by delivering fruit to people in the community every Wednesday - which then led to her team delivering soup bread and homemade smoothies to the elderly in the community to ensure each one had something to eat during tough times. She arranged for butter, bread, milk and eggs to be delivered to the elderly on a Tuesday to ensure they had essentials. Annemarie didn’t stop there, she teamed up with the local Co-op with food that was going past its sell-by date to be delivered in the back of the van to everyone in the community at night to go out to see if they could use anything to ensure no one in the community had gone without at such hard times."

Annemarie and her team truly deserve some recognition for this during lockdown as she brought her local community together through tough times also organising a small club for the local kids over the summer holidays - something I have never seen in the community over the years. So please let this community give something back to Annemarie and her team as a small token of our appreciation to them during very hard and trying times and I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone in the Cardowan Community Meadow."

Lynn from Liverpool would like to nominate Chris Kelly:

Lynn from Liverpool would like to nominate Chris Kelly

"Chris Kelly has brought our whole community together and during the last lockdown and this, he is finding ways for people to keep in touch with each other, helping each other, looking out for each other and finding ways to brighten up our local children's day while they are stuck at home. Before covid, he was also bringing people together to brighten up our local area, litter picking etc."

"He is also always the first to offer to help if someone is in trouble or organise the community to rally around when someone needs help. He is amazing. He recently brought the community together to help a young mum who was run over getting out of the hospital by getting the equipment needed to make her home comfortable as the hospital would not let her home without this. He also raised money for the young mum and her family."

"He is a community superstar that binds us all together into a cohesive, caring, sharing community. During lockdown, he has organised a group of people to dress up as Peppa pig, Toy Story characters, etc and walk around the streets waving at the children who watch though their windows and goes out of his way to arrange birthday surprises for the young children who can not celebrate their birthdays with their friends because of covid. He is amazing."

Renee from Millisle would like to nominate Valerie McGraw:

"Both Valerie and her Husband Bill kept the more vulnerable people well-stocked with supplies. They regularly did shopping for residents all through lockdown. As a next-door neighbour, they waved and checked if I had everything I needed on a daily basis. Totally selfless - they both put others first."

Kerry from Essex would like to nominate Kerry Green:

Kerry from Essex would like to nominate Kerry Green

"Kerry Green - she trooped around Rayleigh taking photos of families on their doorsteps raising over £3000 for our local hospital, giving people a nice memory of Lockdown and creating a sense of community spirit and cohesion. Kerry was like an absolute breath of fresh air- she was so full of energy and joy when she took our pictures, we couldn't help but feel happy, despite the situation. And she walked all over our town visiting nearly 200 families between March and July. I have some lovely photos of my family to remember this unique time, and that it wasn't all bad."

Ayesha from Bradford would like to nominate Joan Woolley:

"Joan Woolley. She has looked after my elderly father throughout this pandemic - she always checks up on him with a knock on the window and has brought shopping for him, and always says something to help cheer him up as he is going through a lot of health problems at the moment. I find Joan a special lady, she has recently lost her lovely husband Andy to cancer and she still finds the will to help and look after others on her street, she is amazing. My father hasn't felt alone too much thanks to Joan checking up on him daily and dropping off hot meals for him with a smile. I know there will be a lot of amazing heroes out there and Joan Woolley is our hero especially my father’s in this awful pandemic."

If you'd like to nominate a special someone who has helped lift your spirits whilst being at home - no matter how big or small these kind gestures have been - Safestyle would love to hear these stories and say a big thank you on your behalf!

How to enter

To enter someone, all you need to do is visit the competition page here and fill in the form on the page, explaining who you’re nominating and how they lifted your spirits whilst being at home in lockdown - either from your door or through your window. The competition closes on 30th November 2020 at 11pm.

What will the winners receive?

We'll be selecting our three favourite submissions and will get in touch with these local heroes to gift each of them £250 worth of vouchers.

Unfortunately, not everyone has been so lucky to have someone brighten up their day; with many people experiencing feelings of loneliness throughout lockdown. Therefore, as part of this campaign, we will also be donating £2,500 to a charity that offers support to anyone who needs to talk, in order to show our appreciation and raise awareness.

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