How to Choose Glass for Windows

13th January, 2022

We all know that windows can make or break a house, and as we find ourselves in the midst of winter, unsuitable windows can pose threats of condensation, draughts and scarily high electricity bills. Choosing the glass for your windows, however, may not be as straightforward as it seems. Questions of styling, budget and privacy must be considered alongside many other factors, this is why we're here to lend a helping hand!

Glass for Windows

What is window glass?

It can be hard to know which glass is best for your windows and home. It is generally accepted, however, that single glazed windows are a thing of the past.

Nowadays homeowners desire something more energy efficient, which is why most homes have double glazed windows. Two panes of glass are placed into an argon chamber where they are then pressed together, trapping the argon gas in the sealed unit. The thermal efficiency of products is dramatically increased with argon being much denser than air, meaning the windows are guaranteed to keep you warm whilst keeping the energy bills steady! There is even the option of triple glazing, although a rarity, promising to allow you to maintain your home’s temperature with an additional pane of glass.

Glass for Windows

What are the different types of glass for windows?

Bevelled glass windows

With bevelled glass windows, you can add a flair to your plain windows and create a truly stylish look. Made by creating an angled surface cut to a thick glass sheet, bevelled glass allows for the opportunity to fashion etched designs such as house numbers or floral artwork.

Georgian windows/fret windows

Astral glazing bars as well as Georgian frets promise the perfect finish for your windows. With the design dating back to the 18th century, this timeless look is characterised by a larger window made up of smaller panes of glass held together by wooden bars.

Obscure glass windows

Obscure glass offers as much privacy as you need, often found in bathrooms. Characterised by its white opaque frosting, there are options available in varying transparencies to suit your needs, whether they be for privacy or security.

Leaded glass windows

Though simple in their look, leaded windows are historic by design and a classic favourite for most of the country. They are made by piecing the necessary glass panes together while supporting them using lead bars strong enough to withstand the extra glazing weight, leaving room for embellishments such as stained glass.

Glass for Windows

How to choose?

It’s a given that there are various factors to be considered when choosing the perfect glass for your windows. Here are a few things you may need to keep in mind:

Privacy needs

Privacy is probably the number one concern when it comes to the right glass for you. To really think about what’s best, consider the area in which your house is located, as well as which rooms may face on to any public areas. We offer a choice of privacy options with our obscure glass windows, meaning we can tailor your windows to your exact specifications with ease.

Personal taste

Your house is an expression of you, and windows can often be the first thing people see in your home. Thankfully, personalising your windows to your taste couldn’t be easier! Consider custom option designs available in various colours for your glass, and accessorise to make your personal taste shine through.

House style

It's no secret that the design and style of your windows plays an important role in the aesthetic of your home. Whilst Georgian windows are typically associated with traditionality, nowadays simplicity is the key to modernity, with bigger and cleaner glazing preferred. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.,


Budget can be the make or break when choosing the best glass for your windows. Luckily, it’s never been easier to arrange a free visit for a salesman to come to your house and discuss a free, no obligation quote based on your budget alongside various other factors.

Whether you’re worried about budget, personal style, or privacy needs, here at Safestyle we have the windows to help create the perfect view. Take a look through our extensive window range, find out why over 1 million customers have chosen Safestyle and get a free quote today.

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