Tips for saving money on your energy bills during the winter

12th February 2021


Winter is in full swing and no-doubt your energy consumption is too, which makes receiving those hiked up energy bills extra painful. It’s an annual struggle, but there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you’re not wincing too much at your monthly statements.

First up is something we at Safestyle know a little bit about – energy efficient windows. It may sound obvious, but double glazing is the first step to improving heat retention in your home. It’s really important to keep up the maintenance of your windows as failing to do so could actually cost you a lot of money in heating bills. We have a whole blog post dedicated to spotting signs of when you need to replace your windows, which refers to things like condensation and draughts.

There are a number of great energy-efficient window options available which are recommended by the Energy Savings Trust. These options are specifically designed to harvest as much free energy into your home as possible. Making considered choices when replacing your windows is a big step in the right direction.

Tip 1

Smaller acts that can make a difference include opening and closing your curtains or shutters at the right time of day – allowing sunlight to flood in will help to warm the space, while closing them once the sun is gone will help to prevent heat from escaping through the windows. Consider the material of these fittings too. Wooden shutters possess insulative properties that retain more heat and when it comes to curtains, the thicker the material, the better.

Tip 2

It’s worth looking around your home to capture and tweak anything else that could be holding you back. Radiators are a great example. Make sure you bleed them at least once a year, otherwise trapped air can stop the heat from circulating efficiently. On top of this, consider only turning on radiators in specific rooms – perhaps you’re about to settle down in the living room or office for a few hours. The simple act of closing doors in your home can work wonders too, on top of helpful additions like draught excluders and rugs to cover the floorboards.

Tip 3

Perhaps the most crucial habit to saving money on your energy bills is the way you use your thermostat. Turning it down by just one degree can save £60 a year, according to Energy Saving Trust. To help incentivise this, it may be worth getting a smart meter, which displays the rolling cost of energy usage each day. There’s no better incentive for encouraging mindful energy usage than by witnessing what your habits are costing you.

Saving energy and saving money comes hand-in-hand. If you tweak one, the other tends to follow.

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