Make Sure You Don't Give Burglars a Break

7th December,2021

According to data from insurance giant Aviva, theft claims increased by 10% during October and November 2019, compared to the monthly average between January and September of that year.

You can’t put a price on sentimental items. Treasured possessions such as vintage jewelry and our beloved family pets are impossible to replace, so we need to think carefully about how we look after these things to keep them safe.

When it comes to keeping our homes and possessions safe, a proactive approach is best. Luckily, there are some simple things we can all do to deter burglars.

Homes and possessions safe

Check your windows and doors

A typical oversight given our hectic lives is leaving windows and doors unlocked.

When you move from one part of the house, say from the back rooms to the front, be vigilant and remember to secure that part of the property. Older window frames and single glazing can also be a security risk- so it might be worth considering replacement windows for an extra layer of security.

Lock away treasures

Investing in a safe is a good idea if you have small, vintage items that could never be replaced, such as old family photographs of trinkets passed down from generations. Not only will it keep them secure in your home, but it also ensures everything’s together so you don’t accidentally misplace them during a clear out.

Lock away treasures

Install decent outdoor lighting

Good lighting around your home helps ensure that if anyone does decide to trespass on your property your family and neighbours are more likely to be aware of it. Burglars will target homes with little security and protection as they want to be in and out quickly and make it as easy as possible for themselves without being caught.

Having a light outside that activates when it senses movement will draw attention to anyone that is trying to get into your home and make them think twice about targeting the property.

Do not leave or keep any tools or equipment outside.

Most burglars will use whatever they can find on a property to break into it. You also want to make it difficult for them to conceal themselves when trying to break into a property so also avoid having tall shrubs and trees around your windows that could hide a potential intruder.

property to break

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