The UK’s Most Influential Doors

27th August 2021

With social media influencers increasingly impacting our everyday decisions, we set out to find the most influential doors in the UK and what each of them would earn as real-life Instagram influencers.

By going deep into the realms of Instagram’s grid-worthy hotspots, we’ve ranked the UK’s most iconic doors based on those which feature in the most posts and worked out just how much they could fetch based on influencers with similar followings.

So, here are the UK’s top ten most influential doors and their potential earnings...

1. Harrods, London


Taking the winning spot by a mile is Harrods with a whopping 1,551,846 total images on Instagram and over 60,000 of them featuring the front door. That’s a whole lot of influence… The department store’s doors are one of the UK’s most photographed places, with tourists often waiting their turn to take to the spotlight. And why not? It’s iconic. With the door being featured in this number of posts, we’ve calculated that it could charge £454 per post meaning it could potentially earn well over up to £1 million as an influencer.

2. Henley Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Henley Street

Our runner up is Henley Street - the birthplace of William Shakespeare himself. The door sees masses of tourists each year, with people flocking to take a trip back in time to 16th century England. The stunning original door is the most influential outside of London - pretty impressive. And the period feature would command a hefty price tag as an influencer, charging £151 per post and an overall potential earning of nearly £190,000.

3. The Ivy, London

The Ivy

Next up is The Ivy in London, featuring in over 160,000 Instagram posts. Distinctively known for show stopping botanical displays and snap worthy dishes, it’s hardly surprising that the entrance (which stars in 5.2% of all images) commands some attention too. With it’s trademark oak doors framed by impressive seasonal displays, The Ivy provides the perfect backdrop for an evening photo opportunity that no influencer could pass up. Coming in at £65 per post, The Ivy’s door could be set to make over £28,000.

4. 221b, Baker Street, London

Baker Street

Take to Instagram to share what was once a purely fictional door associated with the many adventures of Mr. Holmes. Not only does the museum accumulate a pretty penny selling memorabilia, with over 375,000 grid appearances, the doors of 221b Baker Street could fetch £72 per post as an influencer, with an overall potential earning of over £15,000.

5. St. Edwards Church, Gloucestershire

St Edwards Church

St. Edward’s Church has one of the most mystical and magical appearing doors in the UK, transporting you to a medieval reality for £14 per post. They actually have the highest feature rate in our list, starring in 70.4% of all Instagram images. The charming church doors and stained glass, framed by two impressively formed Yew trees, is even said to have influenced the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and his infamous ‘Doors of Durin’. This slice of historic enchantment located in the Cotswolds could command nearly £15,000 with over two thousand posts - not bad for an influencer from the Middle Ages!

6. 10, Downing Street, London

Downing Street

Whilst the chances of snapping a selfie with the prime minister are pretty low, Ten Downing Street’s exclusivity calls for £29 per post and could be even more unlikely than bumping into Boris himself; where you could once pose next to the home of a long line of political leaders, entry to the Street has since been restricted. This leaves only those with special access to snap a picture of the famous black door - and it seems that three and a half thousand Instagram users have done just that, equating to £9,000 of influencer earnings.

7. The Bank of England, London

Bank of England

When you’re the second-largest custodian of gold in the world, you wouldn’t expect to be too concerned about making a little extra money as an Instagram influencer... However, if you’ve got the clout, you may as well use it, that’s why with a potential earning of over four grand, The Bank of England’s front door comes in at number seven on our list. The iconic door is featured in 8% of all images of The Bank, meaning it has the third highest rate of all the doors on our list.

8. 280, Westbourne Park Road, London

Westbourne Park Road

Perhaps more famous for what it hid in the 90s romcom, Notting Hill, the iconic blue door at 280, Westbourne Park Road has become a tourist hotspot for fans of the film. Notting Hill attracts thousands of visitors each year and nearly a million and a half of them have uploaded pictures to their Instagram grids! However, with its 0.4% feature rate, the blue door at 280, Westbourne Park Road could only command £1,014.59 as an Instagram influencer, putting it in eighth spot on our list.

9. Annabel’s Mayfair, London


Considering their lavish displays, it’s a wonder the door at Annabel’s in Mayfair doesn’t feature higher on our list. However, its relatively high feature rate of 3.2% tells us that when people want to upload pictures of Annabel’s to their Instagram grids, they want to feature the door. Based on a total number of 21,960 Instagram images, we estimate that the door of the private member’s club could fetch £161.91 as an Instagram influencer; probably not worth giving up the day job… Especially when membership costs £3,250 per year, plus a £1,250 joining fee.

10. Chepstow Castle, Chepstow

Chepstow Castle

The twelfth-century wooden doors of the gatehouse at Chepstow Castle are the oldest castle doors in Europe! The doors were never breached as they were covered in iron plates to make them impregnable to battering and fire, which may explain how well preserved they’ve been. Despite their age however, those hoping to see the doors today will have to venture a little further than the gatehouse, as they were moved inside in 1963 to protect them from damage. This may explain why they come in at last place on our list, commanding just £7 per Instagram post and a potential earning of £26.78 - Instagram was only launched in 2010...

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To figure out which is the UK’s most influential door, we analysed the first 250 Instagram posts of the UK’s most famous doors using their most relevant hashtags to see how many times each respective door featured. For example, in the first 250 Instagram posts of #harrods, the front food features 10 times, giving a feature rate of 4%.

Using the percentage of doors featured in each sample, we applied this to the total number of posts under the same hashtag, creating our feature rate. This allowed us to forecast how many pictures featuring doors appeared in all photos under the location hashtag.

This figure was then multiplied by a ‘price per post’ from Influencer Marketing Hub and then by their respective feature rates, to figure out each door’s total potential earnings.

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