Festive Door-Scaping

6 Steps to Creating a Trend that Everyone is Loving this Christmas

December 23rd 2020

Show stopping door displays have become the latest craze as people get into the festive spirit this Christmas. Instagram can take ample responsibility for the trend - #doordecor has over a quarter of a million posts featuring luxury garlands and seasonal wreaths with a number of celebrities revealing nothing short of a winter wonderland outside their front door.

The first to reveal a festive display, Michelle Keegan shared her extravagantly embellished entrance as early as 8th November on her social media channel.

Adorned with oversized red and white baubles, the Wrights framed their front door with a giant nutcracker on either side, complete with a pine arch, fairy lights and glowing candy canes.

Taking cues from Michelle, Olivia and Alex Bowen also installed a pair of OTT toy soldier figures and decided to create an even bigger statement by adding two huge Christmas trees, lit up with sparkling fairy lights, outside their Essex home.

The reality television star took to her dedicated home interiors account, @thebowenhome, to share her seasonal decor with her followers.

If you’re tempted to deck the doors this season and have fun with it (2020 knows we need it!), we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to recreating some of our favourite looks:

1. Choose your theme

For maximum impact, your festive display should complement each other with the various decorations and adornments. Start by choosing a colour scheme, and go for two to three main tones. For a traditional look, we love bold reds and greens with a touch of gold as an accent colour.

This is a great opportunity to inject some personality into your home so choose a style that suits you, whether you’re polished to perfection, a vintage magpie or prefer a more relaxed and rustic look.

2. Don’t damage the door

In all the excitement, it can be easy to get carried away. But before you begin, you need to consider how you’re going to hang your trimmings as the last thing you want to do is cause permanent damage to the door itself.

Our experts at Safestyle advise:

“Clear self-adhesive hooks work well and can be removed without damage. For best results, clean and dry the door first - this will remove any unwanted residue and ensure the hooks stick properly. You’re then ready to apply and secure the hooks where you need them.”

3. Go big with garlands

Garlands will form the basis of your door-scaping design, so don’t hold back! A great starting point is to use pine foliage to frame the door - the fuller it looks, the better. You can then build in some sparkle by layering up with gold foil, or for a more traditional look, try weaving in holly or mistletoe.

We spoke to Jess Martin, design specialist at Ginger Ray who advises: “Garlands are the perfect blank canvas for decorations, which you can scale up or down depending on how much drama you want to add. If you’re a maximalist, why not fasten baubles, candy canes and snowflakes to them?

“With faux snow and pinecones already attached, our foliage runner garland looks really festive without any added extras, so those who prefer pared back decorations may want to leave more space for fairy lights - the important thing is having fun with it and making it your own!”

4. Add a wreath

A Christmas door display isn’t complete without a wreath. We love a traditional wreath made of pine foliage and trimmed with cinnamon sticks and dried fruit, but if the minimal style is more your thing, try a simplistic metallic slogan frame. Alternatively, you can make your own with coloured baubles to match your theme.

5. Line the doorstep

There’s no such thing as over the top with this trend, so don’t stop at the door frame. Let the decor spill out onto the doorsteps or even your windows by using added decor like lanterns.

To make a statement, group them in sets of three or more. You can mix and match different shapes and styles for a more rustic look or stick to your specific colour scheme to tie it all together.

6. Light it up

A festive display isn’t complete without fairy lights. Weave string lights amongst the main display around the door or use foliage string lights for a perfect rustic feel.

Our Christmas window and door decorating ideas have also recently been featured in the press. You can read them here on The Huffington Post, Ideal Home and House Beautiful.

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