Safestyle announces plans to recycle all of its waste

7th April 2021

Safestyle announces plans to recycle all of its waste

As part of its commitment to the green agenda and environment, Safestyle has announced plans that will see 100% of its waste being recycled within the next three years.

Currently 95% of all waste is now being recycled, and you can read in detail how we do this by reading about our recycling processes here. As a company though, we are determined to go further, by reducing our carbon emissions and reaching that 100% recycling target by 2024.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, Safestyle CEO Mike Gallacher, said: “We are already recycling a hundred tonnes a week of PVC, plastic, metal, wood and glass. We are recycling 95% of what comes out of people’s houses. We take away the old windows and doors and they come back to our site in Wombwell where we have a big recycling operation.”

factory workers with window

As well as industry leading recycling targets, there are also plans to reduce Safestyle’s carbon footprint by 10% by 2024. The great news is that the goal of reducing emissions is already well underway. Through a furnace energy reduction programme, energy consumption has reduced by 25% at the manufacturing site in South Yorkshire. We are also upgrading the vans that our window and door installers use to travel across England and Wales, with half of the fleet now being replaced. This further helps cut emissions by 8% compared to the previous models.

Shaw Bowden, Safestyle’s manufacturing and engineering leader said: “Recycling makes a huge contribution to the environment. The use of recycled materials reduces the level of mining and mineral extraction across the globe, thus minimising the impact on the landscape and local eco-systems. From a customer point of view, using Safestyle guarantees that their ‘end of life’ windows and doors will be entered into the recycling chain and that they are playing their part in saving the environment.”

machine carrying old windows

Safestyle recycled 5,253 tonnes of waste alone in 2020, the equivalent weight of 28 Boeing airliners. “Our customers increasingly value our approach to the environment and recognise the difference it can make.” – Safestyle CEO, Mike Gallacher.

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