Safestyle celebrate Yorkshire day

1st August 2022

The turn of August commences the midst of Summer, with many of us jetting off on holiday or attending long-anticipated music festivals. But did you know the 1st of August is a day where the White Rose county celebrates everything Yorkshire?

Yorkshire day

That's right, Yorkshire day is a day to remember and celebrate the largest county in the UK!

But why today? According to The Yorkshire Society, the date alludes to the regimental anniversary of the Battle of Minden on 1st August and the wearing of roses in the headdress on that day, hence the infamous white rose.

Yorkshire day

Here at Safestyle, the 1st of August calls for an opportunity to reflect upon our Yorkshire roots. Founded in 1992 in Bradford, our company has gone from strength to strength whilst never forgetting where we came from. Although we now have more than 40 branches scattered across the UK, our head office is still based in the heart of Bradford. There are hundreds of Safestyle homes all over Bradford and no two are the same; Yorkshire has given us the chance to fit top grade windows and doors in the county and all over the country for 30 years now.

We realise, however, that Yorkshire isn't Yorkshire without the things it’s given to the world. Could you imagine your Sunday dinners without a Yorkshire pudding? Literature without the Bronte sisters? Your local town centre without Marks and Spencers? ‘God’s Own Country' is also famed for its majestic moors, rolling hills and rich history… what more could you ask for in a county?

Yorkshire day

All in all, as a company, we’re thankful to be celebrating the county that gave us the opportunity to be where we are today!

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