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22nd November,2021

Safestyle to create 200 new jobs

As winter approaches, it can be hard to know the dos and don'ts when it comes to keeping your home warm and ready.Luckily for you, this past month has been full of Safestyle features in the press to let you in on the best tips and tricks to winterproof your home, along with much more!

How to dry your sheets properly

We know that dying your washing indoors can be tiresome at the best of times, but in winter it can be especially risky. By far the most popular feature from this month, Safestyle has featured in a multitude of articles from various sources such as The Express and The Daily Record detailing how to dry your washing efficiently to avoid mould, damp and poor living conditions.

Safestyle in the news

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How to flu-proof your home as winter approaches

There’s plenty of small changes you can make to your home to prepare for the looming approach of flu season, check them out in this article by The Express.

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Safestyle in the news

How can I keep my house warm this winter?

Seeking comfort from the cold weather under your duvet? Look no further than articles from Rointe, Country Living and House Beautiful detailing the top 6 tips to create a warmer home this Winter. Check out Safestyle weighing in on window efficiency and how to make the most of yours.

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How to save thousands on your home renovation

If you’re a home buyer looking into renovation or building an extension, you may have realised that the cost has shot right up. Luckily for you, Safestyle is ready to give tips to help in this article by The Telegraph.

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The death of the bi-fold door

With ever-growing options on the door market, it's no wonder the bi-fold door is dying a death. Check our this article from The Times where Safestyle provides excellent alternatives to the bi-fold:

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The death of the bifold door and what you should replace them with | Bricks & Mortar | The Times

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