Safestyle Installer Academy

30th March 2022

Following the success of the launch of our newly appointed Training Academy in late 2021, we're delighted to be able to share the news that to date we have successfully had two cohorts commence the Safestyle Installation Academy.

As a result of this, we are now accepting applications for cohort 3, starting in June 2022.

As before, the scheme is targeted at adult trainees (those 21 and above) who may be new to the industry, providing them with a year long contract where upon completion, trainees can opt to become a contractor, working independently on basic level jobs, or apply to extend their training journey to become a fully qualified installer.

Safestyle installer academy

Currently, our new in-house training academy is set to run on a paid 12 month contract, however, those candidates who are particularly skilled may be able to finish earlier.

Successful candidates will spend 90 percent of their time in training on the job, closely mentored by a highly skilled and qualified installer. The remaining ten percent will typically be spent returning to the academy for industry specific skills training which is carried out by our expert technical trainer, Graham Wilde.

To track progress, successful candidates will complete a series of on site tasks, where assessors will observe on the job activities, carry out professional discussions and offer support and guidance all based around the key phases of the programme.

Safestyle installer academy

This scheme has been developed as a way to create life-changing opportunities for individuals actively seeking to generate and utilise new working skills. As the UKs number one provider for windows and doors, here at Safestyle we understand the industry is ever changing and growing in its demand for new work and skilled candidates. Thus, our training programme is an opportunity to build our own talent whilst also providing a space for people interested in entering the industry.

Furthermore, acting as an extension of the programme, Safestyle has opportunities for new lead installers who are interested in making a difference and training the next generation of their trade.

Emma Robinson, our L&D business partner says "I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Safestyle Academy and see the potential of our trainees unleashed!", whilst Duane Peacock, a cohort 2 trainee in Gloucester says " I'm glad I took the leap of faith, wish I'd done it earlier!"

Contact Emma Robinson for more details and to apply at [email protected]

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