Safestyle takes on National Yorkshire Pudding Day

23rd February 2021

Safestyle takes on national yorkshire pudding day

Did someone say Yorkshire Puddings?

These air-filled morsels of joy are a welcome addition to any Sunday roast, so much so that as soon as we caught wind of a day that celebrates them in all their glory, we couldn’t help but get involved. It would be a betrayal to Safestyle’s Yorkshire roots if we missed out on the opportunity.

National Yorkshire Pudding Day takes place every second Sunday in February and what better way to celebrate than with a competition to see who’s puds come out top? And that’s exactly what we did.

In a bid to win a hamper stuffed with Yorkshire goods, staff from across the company whipped up and submitted photos of their very own take on the humble Yorkshire pudding. Some came in the form of toad in the hole, some were wonderfully fluffy and others were absolutely huge.

There could only be one winner of course, and that title went to Paul Burrows, who submitted whopping-great puddings big enough to fill with your entire roast.

Yorkshire Pudding 1
Yorkshire Pudding 2
Yorkshire Pudding 3

Want to recreate this ginormous Yorkshire pud? His top tips include using a 25cm cake tin to while keeping things neat and tidy, as well as piping hot oil and a strong wrist to whisk up as many bubbles as possible.

What better way to celebrate Safestyle’s Yorkshire roots, ey?

5 Yorkshire Pudding facts:
  • The Yorkshire Pudding started life in the 18th-century and was known at the time as the ‘dripping pudding’
  • It was traditionally eaten on its own as a separate course – a very different story to today’s Sunday Roast which welcomes all the trimmings
  • The leftover batter would often be served as a sweet dessert, with jam or syrup (it’s made from the same ingredients as pancakes, after all)
  • To classify as a Yorkshire pudding, your creation must be at least four inches tall – no ‘flops’ allowed!
  • The biggest Yorkshire pudding ever recorded was 46.46cm² and was made in Skipton, North Yorkshire in 1996.

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