Safestyle creates 70 new jobs in Nottingham

21st December 2020

Safestyle to create new jobs in Nottingham

Following the opening of our brand-new depot in Nottingham, Safestyle UK is actively recruiting for up to 70 new roles.

The 1,500 square-metre facility has vacancies across several different departments – we’re looking for administrators and managers, as well as more hands-on workers such as installers, drivers and recyclers.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the local economy and especially during these uneasy times. But what does this mean for the future of Safestyle and ultimately, our customers?

Well, for starters, it will enable us to fit up to 600 more windows and doors in the area. On top of this, we will be able to plug any geographical gaps in this part of the country by expanding our reach across the midlands. You can see this for yourself on our Local to You page. “Nottingham is a great location for the new Safestyle depot and was chosen specifically because of its central location and excellent transport links,” Steve Caves, manager of national operations explains.

“This has been a challenging year for the whole country so we’re particularly pleased to be opening our Nottingham depot just before Christmas and creating around 70 new jobs in the local economy,” he adds.

All of this comes off the back of two more depot openings earlier this year - one is in Barnsley in South Yorkshire, with another over in Bury St Edmonds in Suffolk. It is without doubt an exciting time for the company, but most importantly, it means we can provide employment opportunities in a time that so desperately needs it.

Seen a role that suits your skillset? Head over to the Safestyle UK careers site to find out more.

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