Seaman Says - Terry Butcher

18th January 2022

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Looking for your podcast fix? Look no further than this week’s instalment of Seaman Says, with David Seaman and Lynsey Hooper, joined by special guest Terry Butcher discussing all things football!

David and Lynsey kick the episode off by recapping what's been at the forefront of the football world this week, detailing their disappointment at Arsenal’s recent performance: ‘no hunger, no passion and no purpose’ were the words used. With short passes going astray and a lack of control over the ball, it's safe to say this wasn’t a stellar performance from David’s former team.

Leaving their disappointment in the first half, at half time it was time for Save the Week. This week, the accolade was awarded to Cambridge United’s Dimitar Mitov, for his stellar save against Newcastle United. With his wonder goal right at the end of the game leading to a Cambridge United win, it's no wonder!

In the second half of the podcast, none other than the former England captain Terry Butcher joins the pair as he and David reunite for a catch up. It's interesting to see topics such as the appreciation for Gareth Southgate and his England squad being tackled, with Butcher calling the team 'exceptionally talented'.

Lynsey raises the topic of Southgate getting the media back on side, in turn closing the chasm between the fan and the player. There’s no doubt from Bucher that there's a new found love and appreciation for the England squad, as their approach has reverted back to a time Butcher is more familiar with.

As the podcast turns to a more serious note, Butcher discusses the heading of the ball and its detriment to the health and well being of players. Nowadays, the growing concern of the link between heading and dementia is more prevalent than ever, with football legends such as Terry Mcdermott and Dave Watson being diagnosed in recent times.

Various rules have been set into place to prevent the risk caused by heading: synthetic footballs tend to be lighter nowadays, and there is a limit of ten headers per week in training for professionals. But is this enough?

Butcher says he sees football becoming header free, exhibiting support for 'Head for Change', a charity which pioneers for positive change for footballers suffering from neurodegenerative disease caused by their career.

All in all, this week's Seaman Says is unmissable; this podcast is an extremely invaluable show which utilises its platform to explore the topics which makes football the revered practice it is.

Listen on your podcast app or watch the video here.

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