Strong trading after lockdown

19th September 2020

Strong trading after lockdown

In recent months homeowners have decided to spend their money on home improvements instead of family holidays, meals out or shopping for new clothes.

This trend is continuing as we head into Autumn. Speaking recently to the Yorkshire Post, Safestyle CEO Mike Gallacher said "People are not spending in restaurants, bars or going shopping. They have been back in their homes, looking at their house and want a better environment. It has led to us recruiting 150 staff, most of them are in the Yorkshire area. We are recruiting very heavily."

There has been a rise in demand for alternatives to standard white uPVC windows, with other colours such as grey, black and cream proving increasingly popular choices for consumers new windows and doors.

Looking back on the first half of 2020, and looking ahead to the upcoming year in 2021, Mr Gallacher said:

"The first half of 2020 presented some major management and operational challenges which were successfully navigated with strong support from our shareholders, effective Government intervention and the efforts of all of our staff."

"Since we re-emerged from lockdown, our strong order intake performance has been sustained and we have moved to ramp up operational capacity to match this demand."

"It is not yet clear if the recent strong trading performance is sustainable in light of the current economic environment and any uncertainty is likely to impact consumer confidence."

"However our strong order book, our position as a leading national value brand and the progress made on modernising the business leaves us well positioned to sustain our momentum as we move into 2021."

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