Building the 'Perfect View'

4th August 2021

The perfect view

It’s a well-known fact that the working environment you choose can have a direct impact on your mood, motivation and overall wellbeing, but have you ever considered how influential the view from your window could be?

To understand just how much your outside view could benefit your working day, we’ve teamed up with Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, Lee Chambers to provide the science behind the ‘perfect view’ based on your needs.

“Human beings have an innate connection to nature, and with that affinity comes the ability for natural environments to influence our moods. With us spending increasing amounts of time in human made environments, having a view of the outside world, can make us feel happier, brighter and even help us recover when we are feeling low.

“With the mounting evidence on how nature interaction can improve mild depression, increase our attention and reduce our stress levels, it is no surprise that what we can see from our window will have an impact on how we feel when we take time to look out on the view”

James Smith, Property Expert at Richardson and Smith, also revealed that people are now giving much more thought to picturesque home office environments when buying a property.

“Undeniably we are promoting properties with home office spaces, which we’ve always done, but we are certainly pushing it more now.

So what do you need from your WFH view and how can you achieve it?


For those of us struggling to find our creative flair, it turns out something as simple as colour can actually affect our levels of creativity.


Photo by Jörg Bauer on Unsplash

“When we look at the impact of colour on human creativity, it is yellow that stands out as the primary innovator across the palette,” advises Lee.

“There are plenty of yellows present in nature to confer this benefit from, and it is worth considering that other factors increase creativity too, including brighter, warmer views that stimulate our cognitive processes, natural light that ignites our wakefulness and circadian rhythms, and views of natural materials that give us a platform of stability and peace, providing a platform for creative exploration.”

The perfect view for creativity

To encourage those creative juices to flow, Lee suggests switching off and reconnecting with nature. “The abstract shapes of leaves of a tree, the patterning of butterflies fluttering past, the beaming yellow of daffodils, ornaments in the shape of natural creations, from spider webs to honeycomb, the mellow sun shining from above.”

Tips for encouraging creativity through your window view

  • To enjoy the longest period of natural sunlight, position your desk or creative set up in a south facing direction
  • Select window dressings which allow as much natural light in as possible
  • Style your window sill with houseplants or flowers such as daffodils, tulips or yellow roses
  • When possible, put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode intermittently throughout the day to eliminate as many distractions as possible

The perfect window for creativity - Bay Windows

Bay windows can make a room appear larger, and provide views of the outside which would be unavailable with a normal window. They are the ideal way to enjoy panoramic views, create extra space and welcome floods of natural light into your home.

Your perfect playlist

Not only are we all trying to connect with nature through our views, in 2020 Spotify saw a 1400% increase in WFH themed playlists year on year. So, with this in mind we’ve also asked Lee to find us your perfect complimentary playlist based on your mood boosting needs…

“Studies have shown that classical music with an uplifting tempo can increase our cognitive flexibility and give us more creative capacity.”

Here is the perfect playlist to aid Creativity.

Motivation & Productivity

Many of us find it hard to maintain a routine, which in turn can impact negatively on all aspects of our lives, however, by embracing natural light, our bodies are able to harmonise with nature.

motivation and productivity

Photo by OC Gonzalez on Unsplash

“Before we had clocks the sun was our reference point, and gave us the separation in our lives that mirrored our biological rhythms. Lee comments.

“By watching the sunrise, we become inspired to start the day with energy, our melanopsin cells in our eyes firing up and telling us it’s time to go and make the most of the day.

The perfect view for motivation

“The sun rising over the hill, shining on the dew on the ground. Red and orange flowers burning with intensity, a winding path that screams adventure, a stream washing by at speed. A small bird foraging for buzzing insects close in focus, energetic and in balanced motion. A progressive brightening of natural light enveloping everything in ambience.”

Tips for encouraging motivation through your view

  • Position your work from home set up in front of your window to catch as much natural light as possible
  • To replicate sunrise and the progressive brightening of daylight - especially on gloomier days - place a sunrise lamp on your window sill which lets out warm, yellow-orange hues increasingly as the day goes on

The perfect window for productivity - Casement Windows

Casement windows are a traditional choice of window which help with ventilation thanks to their hinge positioning. It allows them to be opened easily and effectively with just one pane of glass which means they let plenty of natural light and fresh air into the room.

Your perfect playlist

“Classic rock always scores highly on motivation, as do up-tempo dance tunes with beats that make our physiology speed up and activate us mentally.”

Here is the perfect playlist to aid Productivity.



Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

Lee continues: “By seeing nature through our window, we are more connected to the world around us, and this improves our overall feeling of wellbeing. We gain the benefits of seeing the greenery, the water, the flowers, and this is the world that we evolved and thrived as a species in.”

The perfect view for happiness

“A bright blue sky with fluffy clouds floating by, the wind gently blowing the wind chimes as it drifts. A lush green backdrop with specks of vibrant colour popping out, birds sat on a tree branch chirping.”

Tips for encouraging happiness through your view:

  • Plant some flowering evergreens in front of your window, such as Abelia or Rhododendrons, which will provide bursts of colour to admire all year long
  • If you don’t have a garden to look out onto, incorporate some indoor blooming plants, such as Cyclamen or Hibiscus
  • Hang a windchime from the top of your window frame which will gently sound when your window is slightly ajar

The perfect window for happiness - Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows give you a choice of how you open your windows; open them fully on hot days when every little bit of breeze counts, or you can tilt them to allow a little fresh air into your home and enjoy the gentle sounds of your windchime.

Your perfect playlist

“Happiness in music is very subjective based on preferences, but often it's upbeat pop and dancy rock numbers that are most likely to give us a lovely shot of dopamine.”

Here is the perfect playlist to aid Happiness.


With almost 8 in 10 (79%) UK adults experiencing work-related stress across the UK, it’s likely that the majority of us are seeking a way to unwind and relax after a day at work; whether it be in the office or at home.


Photo by Adrien Gonin on Unsplash

Lee comments: “The elements to consider are the blue of the sky, expansive yet calming, the green of natural life, serene yet vibrant, the expanse or trickle of water, where we evolved from, natural textures such as woods, metals and stones, which ground us with an earthy resilience.

“In a similar way to sunrise, the sunset gradually falling signals that it’s time to disconnect and relax, bringing a natural conclusion and permission to find peace and restore ready for the sun’s return.”

The perfect view for relaxation

“A view of the coast, the waves washing against the shore, the blue expanse traveling as far as the eye can see, boats sailing in the distance, mossy rocks and stony beaches, seagulls floating in circles, the sunset rippling along the waves.”

Tips for encouraging relaxation through your view:

  • Purchase a tabletop water feature to place on your window sill which will incorporate nature into your home and emulate the relaxing sounds of open water
  • Take as much of your horizon and the nature it has to offer in by opening up your window to reveal the full panoramic view - investing in some French windows for your home is great for this as there’s no obstruction in sight
  • To switch up your surroundings and bring yourself closer to the ocean, you might want to jump on TikTok’s popular ‘Fake Window Challenge’ and use a projector to cast any sunny, seaside view or picturesque sunset you desire

The perfect window for Relaxation - French Windows

French windows are the perfect windows for those who want to enjoy a relaxing, picture-perfect view from their home. Take as much of your horizon and the nature it has to offer in by opening up your window to reveal the uninterrupted, full, panoramic view.

Your perfect playlist

“When looking for relaxation, we will so often find it in ambient and instrumental melodies, and also in soft pop and some types of world music that are downtempo and can trigger a relaxation response.”

Here is the perfect playlist to aid Relaxation.

How we can help?

Whether you need to aid creativity, productivity, happiness or relaxation, here at Safestyle we have the windows and doors to help create the perfect view. Take a look through our extensive range, find out why over 1 million customers have chosen Safestyle and get a free quote today.

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