The Top 7 Festive Window and Door Displays

17th December, 2021

The festive season is finally here and some of the country's most popular high-street establishments are putting out their highly anticipated festive door displays.

These displays are a huge part of what makes Christmas so special, helping to get the entire neighborhood in the festive spirit.

From glamorous floor to roof lights, to character-filled motifs, there’s a photo opportunity for everyone! We’ve taken a look across the whole of the UK and put together our top picks of this year’s window and door displays in each region - and they certainly make an impact.

1. Annabels, London

Annabels, London

One of the self-proclaimed most notorious and luxurious clubs in the world, Annabels in Mayfair sure knows how to pull out all the stops when it comes to Christmas decorating. Teaming up with Swarovski, Annabells has turned their Berkeley Square building into a massive gingerbread facade, adorned with crystals.

2. Rosso, Manchester, North West

Rosso, Manchester, North West

Right in the heart of Manchester, Rosso is a vibrant Italian restaurant, boasting great food and a great atmosphere. It's therefore no surprise that they were able to pull off a breathtaking Christmas display, with roof to floor gold, twinkling lights embellishing the entire building.

3. Fenwicks, Newcastle, North East

Rosso, Manchester, North West

Renowned for their Christmas window displays each year, Fenwicks in Newcastle attracts interest from all over the world when it comes to unveiling their theme. This year, the department store has gone for a Shaun the Sheep theme, depicting moments from the latest film 'The Flight Before Christmas'.

4. The Ivy, Brighton, South East

The Ivy, Brighton, South East

Well-known for its extravagant Christmas displays each year, The Ivy Brighton didn’t disappoint in 2021. This beautiful doorway has been decorated with Christmas holly, baubles and tinsel to really give it that festive feel.

5. Hamlingtons, Birmingham, Midlands

Hamlingtons, Birmingham, Midlands

Manufacturing since the 1940s in the famed Jewellery Quarter, Hamlingtons definitely knows how to pull off a show-stopping display. Framing their shop with dazzling, warm lights to create a Christmas look, Hamlingtons are successful in crafting an elegant, sophisticated and festive vibe.

6. Bettys, Harrogate, Yorkshire

Bettys, Harrogate, Yorkshire

When Betty’s world-famous tea rooms in Harrogate unveils its festive window display, you know it's Christmas time! This year the cafe has gone for an awe-inspiring display of twinkling Christmas lights, luxurious wreaths and plenty more decorations- you don’t want to miss a glimpse of this.

7. The Good Cafe, Bath, South West

The Good Cafe, Bath, South West

To finish off our Top 7 Festive Window and Door Displays comes this spectacular decoration in the form of a Christmas tree at the Good Day Cafe in Bath. Unlike some of the others in this festive round up, this independent cafe has opted for a rather modern approach, using green fairy lights to capture the essence of Christmas: the tree.

Last year we created our top 6 tips to create a festive doorscape, but if you’re looking to create your own window display at home, here’s our advice to help you get started…

1. Avoid damaging your windows

"It's important to think about how your decorations will impact your windows once the festive season has come to an end. Clear self-adhesive hooks work well and can be removed without damage to double-glazed windows. For best results, clean and dry the surface of the window first - this will remove any unwanted residue and ensure the hooks stick properly. You’re then ready to apply and secure the hooks where you need them."

2. Test the length of your lights before you start

"Most people get too excited and rush straight into the installation of their outdoor Christmas lights, but the easiest way to avoid mistakes is to test the length of your lights at the very beginning.
Whether you’re looking to create an icicle effect or simply a twinkling border, it’s important to ensure that you have enough wire to reach the full length of your window. If your lights are too short, at least you’ll have time to rethink your design!"

3. Attach clipper hooks at regular intervals

"To achieve the most impressive effect, one of the more important things to consider is the distance between each hook. Try to place each one at regular intervals, leaving enough space to allow for slack. If you’re creating an icicle effect, space the hooks closer together so that the weight of the lights is more supported."

4. Plug the lights in and work backwards (without switching them on)

"When you're ready to begin hanging your decorations, take the end of the string of lights and plug them into the weather-resistant power source. Without switching the lights on, slowly work backwards across the prepared window.
Try to avoid the cable hanging very loosely, instead you should aim for the lights to snugly fit on the hooks without tugging on the socket. Once you’ve reached the end, ensure that everything is tidy and evenly spaced before switching on to admire your work."

No matter how festive your Christmas display is, your windows and doors need to impress all year round. Our range of double-glazed uPVC windows and doors all come with a 10 year guarantee and you can get a free no-obligation quote today!

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