Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors and Aluminium Patio Doors

Our aluminium Bi-fold and Patio doors are made using the highest-quality extruded aluminium alloy, rewarding you with durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. The aluminium doors we offer are highly customisable, so you can enjoy a range of colours, designs, and glazing options tailored to your needs.

Aluminium Patio Door Colours

The Aluminium patio doors are available in three standard colours: white, matte black, and Anthracite Grey. However, our customers can select any RAL colour for their door to truly customise it. We also offer the flexibility to choose a single colour for both the inside and outside of your door or get creative with dual colours for a different external and internal look.

Aluminium Patio Door Colours


Matte Black

Anthracite Grey

Any RAL colour

Bi-Fold Aluminium Door Colours

Our Bi-Folding doors are available in 8 standard colours: white, jet black, anthracite grey, light grey, chocolate brown, caramel, dual sage green and dual cream. These doors are also available in any RAL for a little extra to add a truly bespoke door for your home.


Jet Black

Anthracite Grey

Light Grey

Chocolate Brown


Dual Sage Green

Dual Cream

Why Choose Aluminium Doors?

The right aluminium door has the potential to revolutionise the appearance of your home. Whether you opt for patio or bi-fold designs, aluminium doors offer a range of benefits to your property, helping you to stay on trend and secure.

Stylish and easy to open, you’ll be able to maximise the amount of light reaching your home and have instant access to fresh air. Link your living space to the great outdoors effortlessly.

Stylish and easy to open, you’ll be able to maximise the amount of light reaching your home and have instant access to fresh air. Link your living space to the great outdoors effortlessly.

Benefits of Aluminium Bi-Fold and Patio Doors

Natural light

The large glass panels in these doors maximise natural light entry, brightening up your home and making spaces appear larger and more open​.

Maximise natural light

Built to Last

Aluminium doors are highly durable and resistant, preventing damage caused by rust, corrosion, and warping. Extruded aluminium alloy and a long-lasting powder-coated colour combine to limit the amount of maintenance they need, rewarding you with peace of mind and a reduction in long-term costs. No matter the harsh British weather you experience, our aluminium doors are virtually maintenance-free.

Built to last

Strong and secure

As one of the strongest materials, aluminium is the perfect choice for your doors, keeping your home safe and able to resist any potential damage caused by extreme weather. Our aluminium doors are built with a sturdy, slim frame that offers a modern finish without compromising on durability. At Safestyle, we also reinforce our aluminium doors with corner ties and cleats for enhanced strength and security. All joints are sealed against water entry, preventing leaks and draughts into your home.

Strong and secure

Easy on the eye

Not only are our aluminium doors practical, but they’re also visually appealing. Boost your curb appeal with a range of sleek and modern designs that enhance the overall look of your home and leave your neighbours feeling envious. Highly customisable, each aluminium door we manufacture is available in the colour and finish of your choice. Open up a world of possibilities with Safestyle.

Easy on the eye

The Difference Between Aluminium Bi-Fold and Patio Doors

Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between aluminium Bi-Fold and Patio doors based on their structure and operational mechanics:

Design and Operation

  • Bi-Fold Doors: These consist of multiple panels linked by hinges, folding against each other in a concertina style. This allows them to stack neatly to one side, creating a wide opening without any obstruction. This design is ideal for maximising access between indoor and outdoor spaces, particularly where an expansive, clear opening is desired​​.
  • Patio Doors: Also known as sliding doors, these typically feature larger, fewer panels that slide over one another on tracks. When open, the panels overlap without protruding into the living space, offering a practical solution where space adjacent to the door is limited. However, because they always have at least one panel in place, they never open as fully as Bi-Fold doors​​.

View and Aesthetics

  • Bi-Fold Doors: When open, they provide an almost 100% clear opening, making them particularly appealing for homes with scenic outdoor spaces​​.
  • Patio Doors: They generally offer a less interrupted view when closed due to fewer and larger panels. This makes them an attractive option for enjoying clear views of the garden or landscape even from inside​​.

Space Considerations

  • Both door styles are space-efficient compared to traditional swing doors since neither intrudes significantly into the interior or exterior spaces when operated. Bi-Fold doors require some space alongside the opening to accommodate the stacked panels, while sliding doors need no extra space at the side but do require sufficient wall space for the panels to slide over each other​.

Natural Light

  • Both Bi-Fold and patio doors are designed to maximise natural light. The extensive glass surfaces of both door types ensure plenty of light enters the home, enhancing the sense of space and connection to the outdoors​​.

Ultimately, the choice between Bi-Fold and patio doors will depend on your specific preferences for space utilisation, view from the home, and architectural style. Bi-Fold doors are best for those who want the option to completely open up an entire wall, while patio doors are ideal for those who prefer larger uninterrupted glass panels when the doors are closed.

Why Safestyle?

Expert installation and customisable

Our dedicated installation team is full of experts with bags of experience and industry knowledge, ensuring your aluminium doors are fitted securely and seamlessly for optimal performance and aesthetic appeal. We are also committed to offering a range of customisation options for aluminium doors at Safestyle, including different styles, colours, and finishes.

Durable and low-maintenance

All of our aluminium doors are incredibly durable, resisting harsh weather conditions to reward you with a door that’s guaranteed a long lifespan. Due to the low-maintenance nature of Safestyle’s aluminium doors, all you’ll need to do is occasionally clean the door with soap and water to maintain and remove any dirt from hinges and tracks.

Durable and low-maintenance

Industry-leading customer support

At Safestyle, we pride ourselves on the customer support we offer, assisting in the entire process from selection to installation and beyond. Our high customer satisfaction rates mean we have a trusted reputation in the industry, backed by years of experience and thousands of delighted customers. No matter the home maintenance requirement, our loyal customers keep coming back for more.

Industry-leading customer support

Over 48,000 reviews on Trustpilot

Aluminium Doors FAQs

Safestyle's Aluminium doors come with multi-point locking as standard. Our Aluminium bi fold doors feature 2 solid steel counter rotating hook bolts, which stops the hooks being disengaged from the keep if levered up or down. Our Aluminium patio doors comprise of up to 4 mushroom head bolts. Both doors feature a 3 star cylinder lock featuring anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-plug extraction.

At Safestyle, our range of doors is highly customisable, so you can choose an aluminium door style, colour, and finish that suits your needs and complements your home.

No, aluminium doors are virtually maintenance-free. Highly durable, all you’ll need to do is occasionally clean the door and remove any dirt from hinges and tracks.