Sliding Patio Door & French Patio Doors

  • A range of colours that match our window range
  • Low-E Glass - designed to retain heat in your home
  • More secure with multipoint locking and internal beading as standard
  • Convert an existing window opening to a patio door

A brighter living space and an effortless glide come as standard with our patio doors

Patio doors are often used as a neat, space saving solution for outdoor access from your home. Each patio door can add a unique style and design to your home making them ideal for balconies, patios and garden areas.

These doors grant a larger picture window when the door is closed, and elegantly glides open. So whether you’re looking to replace a dated patio or French door or even change a standard window to a patio door, our patio door may be a solution for you.

  • A range of colours that match our window range
  • Low-E Glass - designed to retain heat in your home
  • More secure with multipoint locking and internal beading as standard
  • Convert an existing window opening to a patio door

Which patio door is right for you?

Our range of beautiful patio doors come in seven colours options including Dual Anthracite Grey, White, Dual Sage Green and multiple wood effect finishes. Each sliding patio door comes with an ergonomic patio handle with an operating lever that are available in four finishes - white, black, gold and chrome. Leaded, bevelled and decorative glazing options are available to add that perfect finishing touch.

Dual Anthracite Grey

Dual Sage Green

Dual Cream

Golden Oak/Dual

Dark Woodgrain/Dual


White Woodgrain

Our Patio Doors FAQs

Choosing new patio doors can be a tough decision, but don't worry, at Safestyle we're here to help! We've answered some of the most common questions we get asked which you may find useful.

Double glazing has a number of benefits over single glazing. It is an ideal choice to improve your home’s energy efficiency, as the layer of insulation between the two glazing panels ensures maximum heat retention inside your home and minimum heat loss from the outside pane. This also helps reduce the noise pollution that enters your home.

In addition to noise insulation and saving on your energy bills, the double-glazing cost could be a wise investment, as it may increase your property value.

At Safestyle, we’re proud of our 30 year brand history, having carried out thousands of installations of window and door replacements across England, Wales & Scotland. Our local fitters cover a huge area, meaning we're more local to you than you may realise.

Much of the energy saving benefit is made in the jump from single glazing to double glazing. Whilst there are incremental savings to be made from double glazing to triple glazing, it is often in our experience not offset by the additional cost of triple glazing.

We can't give you an exact figure for your patio door replacement cost, as there is no standard pricing and the cost of your replacement doors will depend on a wide variety of factors. These include your home, the specific door product and design you choose, the finishing options, such as sills, glazing, colours and handles, as well as the manufacturing quality and the time taken by our fitters to install your windows.

Our specially qualified advisors can discuss your door replacement and payment options, so you get an accurate quote. You can also be rest assured that you're getting the best cost, as our Price Promise guarantees we will match any like for like genuine quotes. To find out more about our patio door replacement cost, you can read our pricing guide here.

Condensation can sometimes occur between double glazing panels. This can be caused by the sealant around the double-glazed glass failing and allowing the warm air from inside your home to enter the air gap between panes. Condensation will then form as the surface temperature of the double-glazed door is cooler than the room. If you see this, it could be time to replace or upgrade your old windows.

At Safestyle, our doors are manufactured to the highest standards to prevent condensation, leaks or draughts between the glass panes. Contact us today to get a quote on your replacement doors.

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