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Tilt and turn openers add flexibility to the way you open your windows

Add tilt and turn functionality is a great option if you're looking to replace your windows. Tilt and turn windows can be opened fully on hot days when every little bit of breeze counts, or tilted to allow a little fresh air into your home on cooler days. Tilt and turn functionality isn’t limited on colour or hardware features either, like the rest of the EcoDiamond™ range the frames are available in 10 finishes with four complementing Pro-Linea™ locking handle options.

  • A range of ten colours to suit your property
  • Tilt function to allow a little breeze
  • Fully openable on hotter days
  • Pro-Linea™ ergonomic handle
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Why choose tilt & turn windows?

Whether you're looking to replace your casement, bay or arch window, you can choose to add tilt and turn functionality. Tilt and turn windows give you the choice about how you open your windows, they open inwards, and can be opened fully on those hot days when every little bit of breeze counts, or tilt them to allow a little fresh air into your home on cooler days.

Tilt and turn window

Strong and durable

70mm five chamber profile for excellent strength and performance.


Energy saving

Our tilt and turn windows have the same energy efficient features used in our A-Rated Eco Diamond ™ windows, saving you money.


Locking handle

The Pro Linea handle is ergonomically designed and features key locking for added security.


Increased security

All windows and doors are internally beaded for your peace of mind.


Weather tightness

Q-Lon seals give the best acoustic and thermal performance, retaining shape year after year, so you can rest assured you have a product that is built to last.


Multi-point security

State of the art locking system includes roller cams and locking keeps for a secure window.

Window styles and colours

Find the perfect window for your property by discovering our range of uPVC windows, available in ten stunning colours. Whether you choose a modern slate or anthracite grey, a stylish Chartwell green or a more traditional white or oak, we have designs and styles to transform any home. Remember, you can choose to add tilt and turn functionality to any casement or bay window.

anthracite grey

Anthracite Grey



Chartwell window cut out


Cream window


Golden oak

Golden Oak

Irish oak

Irish Oak




Slate Grey

White Window


White wood grain

White Woodgrain

Security features

With tilt & turn you get the flexibility about how you open your windows. They open inwards using a very nifty design that allows hinges on both sides of the pane, but don’t worry, there’s no compromise on security. The design still allows for multi-point locking with rollercams and locking keeps to keep the frame and window anchored together when closed. And like the rest of the EcoDiamond™ range the glazing is beaded internally, preventing would be intruders from simply removing the glazing. One additional safety feature to tilt & turn windows is that when tilted the windows also have a restrictor, an excellent safety device to keep pets and children

  • Multi-point security - State-of-the-art locking with locking keeps and rollercams
  • Tilt restrictor - limits the distance your window can open
  • Internally beaded - preventing easy removal of the glazing
  • Multi chamber frame - a robust 70mm 5 chamber frame for excellent strength
  • Pro Linea handle - with key locking for extra assurance
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