uPVC Cladding

Perfect for replacing old wooden cladding or protecting brickwork, our stylish uPVC cladding has the potential to transform the appearance of your home. Customised to suit your needs, our styles and range of colours will boost your curb appeal. Explore our fully cost-effective and weather-resistant cladding range.

Our uPVC Cladding Designs

Anthracite Grey

White Woodgrain

Flat White



Medium Oak

Benefits of uPVC Cladding

Durable and Weather Resistant

Come rain or shine, our uPVC cladding products offer durability and weather resistance, protecting the structure of your home all year round. Say goodbye to rotting, warping, or fading, as the materials we use can easily withstand harsh weather conditions – perfect for Britain’s turbulent seasons.

Durable and Weather Resistant

Energy Efficient

Adding an extra layer of insulation to your home's exterior, cladding has the power to enhance your energy efficiency. Not only can this lower the cost of your energy bills, but it also helps to reduce your carbon footprint at home, as less heat is needed to warm your house.

Energy Efficient

Low Maintenance

At Safestyle, the uPVC cladding we offer is incredibly low maintenance, only needing occasional cleaning with soap and water to maintain its appearance. This means you can save your hard-earned cash for other home maintenance, rather than having to revive your cladding every few years.

Low Maintenance

When Does Cladding Need to be Improved?

There are several good reasons why new cladding may be required. If you notice your cladding is starting to rot, warp, or fade, then it is a good indication to invest in new cladding to protect your property’s structure from harsh weather. In doing so, you’ll cash in on other benefits, such as a better-insulated house, noise control, and a more aesthetically pleasing home exterior.

Why Choose Safestyle

Quality and Reliability

Choosing Safestyle, means choosing quality. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet and in many cases exceed British Standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, as we strive to offer you peace of mind throughout the entire process, from consultation to installation. With over 30 years of experience, our reputation in the sector shows that we continue to put smiles on the faces of our customers – we have a rating of ‘Great’ on Trustpilot!

Fully Customisable

At Safestyle, we like a challenge. Whether you have specific requests about colours, textures, or profiles, we offer a huge range of customisable cladding options to our customers. We’ll have a product to suit your individual preferences and home aesthetics, helping you to create your dream home.

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Cladding FAQs

uPVC cladding can help improve the efficiency of your home by adding an extra layer of insulation, helping to retain heat in your house and preventing it from escaping.

The lifespan of uPVC cladding can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the material, installation method, and exposure to environmental factors. However, high-quality uPVC cladding installed correctly can last for several decades.

uPVC cladding is a versatile option that can be suitable for a wide range of homes, including both modern and traditional properties. Its flexibility and variety of styles and colours make it adaptable to different architectural designs and aesthetic preferences.

If you choose Safestyle, then very little maintenance is required. Our uPVC cladding is made using durable materials and is built to last. You’ll just need to clean it with soap and water occasionally.

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