Downpipes and Guttering

Effective guttering and downpipes are essential in protecting homes from water damage. If you want to successfully navigate the UK’s turbulent weather conditions, then you’ll need to invest in high-quality, reliable products. With our range of guttering and downpipe solutions, your home can remain free of leaks the next time it’s raining cats and dogs.

Our Downpipes and Guttering

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Benefits of Downpipes and Guttering


Safestyle's guttering and downpipes guarantee durability and reliability. Made using high-quality materials, our products are manufactured to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection. Built to last, you no longer have to worry about leaky guttering and spending a fortune on home repairs.



Choosing Safestyle rewards you with peace of mind, as all of our roofline products are designed for hassle-free performance and minimal servicing. All that’s left for you to do is to clear your guttering of debris and dirt every so often to ensure optimum performance – easy-peasy!


When are new Downpipes and Guttering Required?

If you live in the UK, you’ll know that when it rains, it pours. If you notice leaks in your guttering when it’s bucketing down, then it’s time to invest in new products. Failure to do so could lead to damaged walls and issues with your property’s structure. Fortunately, high-quality downpipes and guttering will prevent water from pooling around a foundation or overflowing gutters, so your home stays safe and secure.

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Downpipes and Guttering FAQs

Whether you need scaffolding depends on the height, size and complexity of your property. At Safestyle, our team of experienced installers will ensure the safety of you, your home and the installation itself and will advise based on your specific requirements.

All of our guttering and downpipes are made from high-quality uPVC.

This depends on how often your home is exposed to harsh weather conditions and where it’s located. However, on average, guttering should be cleaned once or twice a year.

Yes, when you invest in our guttering and downpipe products, you’ll enjoy a generous 10-year guarantee.

Guttering and downpipes play a crucial role in protecting your home. They collect the rain water that flows off of your roof and safely transports this away from your property into drains, preventing your property from suffering water damage.

Yes, our downpipes and guttering are highly customisable and come in a vast range of different styles and colours to suit your individual needs.

Yes, Safestyle is equipped to install guttering and downpipes on a wide variety of roof types, including pitched roofs, flat roofs, and more. Our experienced installation team has the knowledge and expertise to work with different roof configurations, ensuring that the guttering and downpipes are installed securely and effectively regardless of the roof type.

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