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Save money on your energy bills
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How our commitment to sustainability leads to cost savings for you

We care about our planet and do everything we can to look after it. When we take your old windows away, we don't just dump them in landfill. Safestyle pledge to recycle as much as we can of every single window we take out. What we can't reuse ourselves we send to a recycler who can. Since that means they're worth money, it's only fair that we pass this value back to you.

The recycling process

Out with the old in with the new

Our team of expert fitters install a beautiful new set of windows for the happy customer.

Old windows taken away

All the old windows (and any other waste) are loaded onto the van and brought back to the Safestyle depot.

Materials sorted out

We sort and separate all the different materials ready for recycling.

Expertly recycled

The separate materials arrive at our dedicated recycling centre. Whatever we can’t use ourselves, we send to a recycler who can.

The new glass is made

The old glass (called 'cullet') is crushed and recycled. Every month, we make tonnes of it into brand-new, A-rated energy-saving glass.

Bespoke windows are now born

With the help of highly skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art machinery, new windows are precision-made to your exact order.

Did you know?

Our production facility is located right here in the UK. We extrude our own uPVC to make your new windows and doors.

Why we re-use glass cullet

We manufacture your brand new windows and doors right here in the UK. Having improved over 1 million homes already, our factory is a busy place!

Nothing goes to waste

Every month we recycle tonnes of post-consumer plastic into drainpipes and plastic decking. Any wood we reclaim goes on to be made into pellet fuel for biomass heating systems, and any metal gets melted down and reused too.

Packing it in...

We disassemble the old windows to pack as much into our vehicles as possible, further reducing transport emissions.

Lorries come back full

Rather than drive our lorries back to head office empty, we collect old windows and doors from our local depots across the country once we have delivered your new products. Therefore saving thousands of miles of fuel per year when they otherwise would have been empty.

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