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Our uPVC windows use cutting edge technology so that you get windows that not only look great but are rigorously tested to exceed the standards for heat retention, weather performance and, with our new Claw Grip feature, more secure than ever. The perfect choice if you’re looking for new or replacement windows for your home.

Our Double glazing is UK-made, energy-efficient, and we use the best window materials to provide you with the highest quality and security. We also offer a wide range of window colours and styles, including casement, sash, tilt and turn, and bay windows.

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Choose our replacement uPVC windows to improve the energy efficiency and security of your home

Safestyle windows add a striking, stylish look to your home while helping to make it more energy-efficient. Our uPVC window replacement service only uses A-rated windows for efficiency to ensure maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss. This makes sure you can:

  • Eliminate draughts and keep the warmth inside your home with A-Rated energy-efficient windows
  • Reduce your energy bills - our double glazing windows are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust
  • Give your property a clean, new, fresh look with our EcoDiamond window, now available in 6 colour options

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Would you lock your front door but leave your back door open? You do exactly that now with your windows, until now...

Developed between Safestyle and Yale, the UK's most trusted lock manufacturer, we are proud to present the all new Claw Grip.As standard, we install the Claw Grip onto every window providing an exceptional security solution for your absolute peace of mind.

Find out more about our new Claw Grip security feature by watching the video below, or by reading our dedicated guide.

Claw Grip our window

uPVC Window FAQs

What is uPVC?

uPVC may sound very technical but it’s really just a very practical chemical compound: it stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. It’s strong, safe, versatile and durable making it an excellent choice for a building material. The improvements made in uPVC windows and doors over the last 20 years have ensured their popularity and continue to do so.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing refers to the use of two panes of glass in a window, often filled with a gas such as argon between the panes to add as an insulator. The reason so many people choose double glazed windows is that it can make such a big difference to their home in terms of reducing heat loss and energy bills.

What are the benefits of double glazed windows?

Double glazing has a number of benefits over single glazing. It is an ideal choice to improve your home’s energy efficiency, as the layer of insulation between the secondary glazing panels ensures maximum heat retention inside your home and minimum heat loss from the outside pane. This also reduces the noise pollution that enters your home.

In addition to noise insulation and saving on your energy bills, the double glazing cost could be a wise investment, as it may increase your property value.

How long can uPVC windows last?

Thanks to the strength and durability of uPVC windows, they can last for as long as 30 years when properly maintained. At Safestyle, we offer a 10 Year Guarantee on all our windows and doors. Do bear in mind though that, as windows age, the energy rating may be affected and coloured uPVC windows can fade in appearance.

How much do replacement windows cost?

We can't give you an exact figure for your window replacement cost, as there is no standard pricing and the cost of your replacement windows will depend on a wide variety of factors. These include your home, the specific window product and design you choose, the finishing options, such as sills, glazing, colours and handles, as well as the manufacturing quality and the time taken by our fitters to install your windows.

Our specially qualified advisors can discuss your window glass replacement and payment options so you get an accurate quote. You can also rest assured that you're getting the best cost, as our Price Promise guarantees we will beat any like for like genuine quotes. To find out more about our double glazing replacement cost, you can read our pricing guide here.

Where can I get my windows replaced?

At Safestyle, we're proud to be the UK's number one installer, carrying out thousands of installations of window and door replacements every month across England and Wales. Our local fitters cover a huge area, meaning we're more local to you than you may realise. You can find Safestyle UK installations in your area for your window replacement right here.

What are the different types of replacement windows available?

We provide a wide range of replacement windows to suit all needs. You can choose between window sash replacement, which is ideal for more traditional and period properties, or replacement casement windows from our EcoDiamond™ range. There's also Tilt and Turn replacement windows which offer excellent flexibility. Whichever option you choose, you'll get peace of mind with our extensive 10 Year Guarantee on all our window products.

Can you get coloured uPVC windows?

We offer a wide range of different uPVC window frame colours. These include White, Oak, Rosewood, Cream, Black and Grey uPVC window options. If you wish to change the colour of your uPVC windows, we recommend you consider having new frames fitted. Painting uPVC windows is not advised and could invalidate your guarantee.

Can I fit uPVC window shutters?

Yes, shutters can be added to uPVC windows. The shutter should be attached all around the recess of the window and we advise that you contact a specialist company to do so, as drilling could invalidate your guarantee.

Are uPVC windows safe?

uPVC is completely safe and non-toxic, as well as being highly regulated during its production process. Burning PVC can release dioxins, which can be harmful to the environment. That’s why, at Safestyle, we operate a recycling policy, with over 16,000 tons of materials recycled each year.

Why should I choose uPVC windows over timber or aluminium?

When it comes to deciding between uPVC, timber and aluminium, it can sound like a difficult decision to make. After all, uPVC would have a hard time sounding as sleek and sophisticated as its counterparts. However, it’s worthwhile noting the following:

- It won’t rot, swell or need repainting like wood, as it's weatherproof and low maintenance
- It’s much more thermally efficient than timber and even more so than aluminium
- uPVC is much more cost effective – both timber and aluminium demand a much higher price tag
- It’s much more weather resilient – both timber and aluminium suffer stress from the British cold elements

What are the best ways to clean uPVC window frames?

To keep your uPVC windows in the best condition, you should clean them around four times a year using warm water, washing up liquid and a sponge. You can find our guide on cleaning uPVC window frames here.

What causes condensation in double glazing?

Condensation can sometimes occur between double glazing panels. This is caused by the sealant around the double glazed glass failing and allowing the warm air from inside your home to enter the air gap between panes. Condensation will then form as the surface temperature of the double glazed window is cooler than the room. If you see this, it is time to replace or upgrade your old windows.

At Safestyle, our windows are manufactured to the highest standards to stop any condensation, leaks or draught between the glass panes. Contact us today to get a quote on your replacement windows.

Is triple glazing better than double glazing?

Much of the energy saving benefit is made in the jump from single glazed windows to A-rated double glazing. Whilst there are incremental savings to be made from double glazing to triple glazing, it is often in our experience not offset by the additional cost of triple glazed windows.

Our recommendation to our customers is that double glazing strikes the best balance between cost and the benefits of excellent thermal insulation, noise reduction and a positive energy rating. We would only recommend triple glazing for a few cases such as living close to a very busy road where there are advantages to their sound reduction.

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